Sony Theatres Surround Sound Stereo

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When Loews Theatres rebranded to Sony Theatres in 1994, Loews Super Surround Stereo was renamed to Sony Theatres Surround Sound Stereo.

Logo (August 1994-1997)

Visuals: On a black background, the letters "S", "O", "N", and "Y" (in red) zoom up and away from the screen, each with two purple sparklights on either side of the letter. A series of violet diamond-lights (not unlike those from the Cineplex Odeon 1985-1999 trailers) appear above the "Y" and quickly fold from top to bottom, and then fly towards the "Y" as it transforms into a Pioneer-esque tuning fork. A series of blue lights appear and from an oval above the top of the fork, which then bends up and down while the fork floats down off the screen. Once it's gone, the purple lights explode into a starburst which then splits into several smaller light beams which fly off the screen as a red starburst carrying a similarly colored bar flies onto the top half of the screen. When the bar is in place, a series of white light bars write out the "SONY THEATRES" text (in blue). The words "A" (top), "Surround", "Sound", "Stereo" (middle) and "Presentation" (bottom) fly into place underneath the bar, with "Presentation" stretched out to fit underneath the other text. A gloss-shine effect appears across the red bar until the logo fades out.

Technique: Model-based animation mixed with some CGI, produced by Cinema Concepts and animated by Flying Foto Factory.

Audio: A dreamy synth fanfare with a triumphant cinema-like bridge, which transitions to a "droning" noise near the end.

Availability: Seen at Sony-branded theatres during the mid-1990s.

Loews Super Surround Stereo
Sony Theatres Surround Sound Stereo
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