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Founded by Marcus Loew in 1904, Loews Inc. would get fame across the film industry by forming the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio in 1924. Loew's distributed the studio's titles. However, Loew's parted ways with MGM in 1959 due to the effects of United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. The company would remain separate from MGM for over four decades.

In 1986, it was sold to Tri-Star Pictures (then a joint-venture between HBO and Columbia Pictures), which was later renamed to Columbia Pictures Entertainment that following year. In 1989, CPE was bought out by Sony and in 1994, the chain was renamed to Sony Theatres, but in 1996, reverted back to the Loews name.

The company later merged with Cineplex Odeon in 1998 to form Loews Cineplex Entertainment, but declared bankruptcy in 2001. The following year, Loews Cineplex was sold to the Onex Corporation and Oaktree Capital Management. In 2004, Onex sold Loews Cineplex to investors. Two years later, Loews Cineplex merged with AMC Theatres.

1st Trailer (1964-1970)

Visuals: On a background with a curtain in the top left/north-east corners are a shield branded with a cursive L on the left, and a message (e.g. "Scenes from our Next Attraction...") on the right.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

2nd Trailer (early/mid 1970s-1979)

Visuals: The screen fades into a series of multi-colored dots spinning on the left side of the screen. Several series of dots emerge from the bunch and fly across the screen. Eventually, five dots place themselves to the right of the main dot wheel. These dots then change one at a time to form the word LOEW'S in Clarendon. The words "Feature Presentation" (in a slimmer font) then appear underneath the completed text. The remaining dots continue spinning next to the completed logo as it (presumably) fades or cuts out.

Technique: Stop-motion animation.

Audio: A percussion fanfare which begins with some "clacking" sounds before transitioning to bongo drums, with some "streaking" noises heard when the dots fly through the screen.

3rd Trailer (1979-November 1985)

Visuals: On a black/red gradient background, an "L" in a red-yellow gradient circle (used as the Loews Corporation's logo until 2013) is formed by particles. The L circle reveals "LOEWS THEATRES" to the right and four red lines behind them. The L circle and text shine frequently. "WELCOMES YOU TO THE MOVIES" materializes below the logo, then they fade away. A series of messages accompany the announcer's narration:

  • "SHHH!"
  • "Please Be Considerate DON'T TALK"
  • "KEEP YOUR THEATER CLEAN PLEASE / Deposit Trash In Receptacles"
  • "Reduced Prices for Senior Citizens Present MEDICARE CARDS at the Box Office"

The shining L circle and "LOEWS" return to the lines. A few seconds later, "Enjoy The Show!" appears under the logo.

Technique: Cel animation by Cinema Concepts.

Audio: A voiceover says "Loews Theatres welcomes you to the exciting, wonderful world of the movies. Shhh. Talking while the movie is in progress is disturbing to people around you. So please be considerate; don't talk. Smoke only in designated areas. We're trying to keep your theatre clean. Please help by depositing cups and boxes in the large lobby trash receptacles as you leave the auditorium. Senior citizens with Medicare cards enjoy reduced prices. Restrictions if any are posted at the Box Office. Thank you for coming to Loews. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

4th Trailer (November 1985-August 1994)

Visuals: A red sphere is in the center of a rotating light blue "O". The screen zooms away from the "O" as it becomes part of a multi-colored Loews logo and the sphere disappears. Below the logo, sparkles form "Welcomes You" above a glowing planet silhouette. "Loews" and "Welcomes You" move away as a red Scanimate-esque vortex transitions to a cigarette placed inside a red "no" symbol, which both glisten. Next, there is a Loews gift certificate saying "Available at Box Office". There are two Loews Theatres cups with a Raisinets box between them, and "Pitch In" under them. The cups and Raisinets move to the center of the screen and a trash can replaces them. A shooting star reveals "SHHHH!" over a red ring. Blue lasers form the Loews logo from earlier, which shines, then sparkles form "Enjoy The Show" below it.

Technique: Cel animation and some computer animation, produced by Cinema Concepts.

Audio: Over a funky synth tune, a voiceover says "Loews Theaters welcomes you to the exciting world of the movies. Smoking is not permitted in this auditorium. It's the law. Gift certificates are available at the box office. Thanks for helping us keep the theater clean. As you exit the auditorium please deposit litter in trash receptacles in the lobby. Please be considerate and don't talk during the show." It ends with a female chorus singing what would become Loews' trademark jingle: "Thank you for coming to Loews! Sit back and relax, enjoy the show!"

Availability: It was only seen in theaters during its lifespan. In the opening's later years, it was often followed by the Loews Super Surround Stereo logo.

Legacy: This opening, and its jingle in particular, are well known among people who visited Loews theaters. After Loews Theatres reverted back to its old name in 1996, the jingle returned in a new bumper due to its popularity.

5th Trailer (October 1996-February 2006)

Visuals: This opening consists of two separate sequences:

  • Countdown: In a space environment, the screen zooms in on a blue filmstrip, displaying a classic-style film leader counting down from 15. Once the leader reaches 10, it disappears, revealing some generic candy, a Loews Theatres popcorn bucket, and a Coca-Cola Classic cup in the center. The candy and popcorn fly away as the Coca-Cola cup moves upward towards the screen, then the Loews Theatres logo zooms into view.
  • Enjoy the Show: The Loews Theatres logo appears on a space background, before breaking apart to reveal a silhouette of the audience with the screen with lyrics and notation to the familiar Loews jingle. The bouncing ball transforms into a orb with the Loews Theatres logo in it while a shooting star reading "Enjoy the Show!" appears.


Technique: CGI animation produced by Cinema Concepts and animated by Flying Foto Factory.


  • Countdown: A rendition of "Let's All Go to the Lobby", and a voiceover saying "It's about 10 minutes to showtime. The concession stand is open and ready to serve you."
  • Enjoy the Show: A six note jingle and a voiceover saying "Welcome to Loews Theatres", which later fades into an arrangement of the familiar theme.

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