Online Drama Distribution License

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In May 2022, the Chinese State Administration of Radio and Television introduced the Online Drama Distribution License as a new counterpart to the "Dragon Label" used before all films produced in China that were reviewed by the Chinese Film Administration. The law requires all online dramas and movies to be reviewed by the Chinese State Administration in order to gain the distribution license.

Logo (May 10, 2022-)

Visuals: The logo starts on a leather background. Yellow lights appear in the shape of a square containing the text "网络剧片", stacked in two lines with each character being connected. At the center of the characters, a play button is shown. The lights brighten up, before the screen cuts to a vermillion red background, with the logo now in a red square with golden text and a green play button. A ripple appears behind the logo, and white Chinese text appears below it, reading "网络剧片发行许可证". Below the name is the name of the location of the branch of the State Administration where the production was approved in brackets, followed by the Chinese "网影审字", the year of approval in brackets, and the production number. At the bottom-right of the screen, there is more Chinese text reading "发证机关: 国家广播电视总局".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Long notes and a strum played by a guzheng, along with two percussion hits, a bell toll during the rippling, and a "ping" sound.

Availability: Seen on every online-distributed drama series and movie produced in Mainland China since May 2022, making its official debut with The Fight. It is retained in international prints available on streaming services such as Netflix.

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