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Laser Video was a Russian home video company that distributed LaserDiscs. They shut down around the mid 2000s, most likely due to the LaserDisc format becoming obsolete.

1st Logo (1992-1993)

Visuals: On a black background, the following text appears:


The text turns yellow after a few seconds. The screen fades to an abstract background, resembling the glass swan. Still images of respective companies' logos, in order...

fly in and arrange themselves in a 3x3 grid. "РУССКАЯ КОМПАНИЯ" (translated to "Russian Company")spins in as a circle, while "LASER VIDEO" (in normal print and in red) slides in. The logos fly away, and a LaserDisc zooms in, making words plaster on it and tilt upwards to 90 degrees. A TV with the world map on the screen, and a LaserDisc player, slide in from the right and the left, respectively. The disc is inserted in the player, and the signature logo moves to the screen. After the action, the screen zooms on the screen with the world map and logo, the screen fades to a telephone number notice afterwards. The same 2 texts from before are seen above the screen on a thick rainbow border. The telephone numbers "(095) 217-4471", "(095) 217-4452", and "(095) 217-4423", appear, and the fax number "(095) 217-4424" appears.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An applause is heard, then a synth-orchestral fanfare. This is called "Homage to the Mountain", released in 1991 by Swiss group Yello, and it was sampled at the beginning of "Суд (Court)" by Синдикат (Syndicate), a Russian rap group.

Availability: Should be seen on releases from the time. Given the presence of the Hollywood studio logos portrayed, you can expect this logo to turn up on many of their library titles.

2nd Logo (1993-1997)

Visuals: In the dark blue space background is LaserDiscs flying away to the top, leaving trails, then the words "ЛАЗЕР ВИДЕО" in heliotrope flies in tilted upwards at the 90 degrees from the bottom to the center and faces the viewer while the big disc with the sky blue glow around and arched words "РУССКАЯ" and "КОМПАНИЯ" above and below, respectively, in bronze with the purple glow around, flies in, cover up the words "ЛАЗЕР ВИДЕО" and the hole of the disc flashes, causing the words "ЛАЗЕР ВИДЕО" to reappear in front of it, this time in gold with the yellow glow, at first stretched-out and retracts to the normal size with the bounce and the space background fades out, making the finished product, and the logo fades out, except for the glow around the disc, which blurs away and zooms out later.

Variant: A version exists with the finished product zooming out. Below wipes in text indicating a blue telephone number below inside a box.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A funky sounder consisting of drums, a bassline, some synthesized orchestra hits and a jail door-slamming sound when the words "ЛАЗЕР ВИДЕО" are in place. Another version had a rock tune.

Availability: Possibly seen on the Russian VHS of Heat and other releases from the time.

3rd Logo (1997-1998)

Visuals: Below a cloudy sky are various tall rocks and pyramids with fog seen in the bottom area of the screen. One is seen on the center of the screen, with a yellow circle and the red Russian text (half of it arched) "РУССКАЯ", "ЛАЗЕР ВИДЕО" (taking most of the size of the other words in the circle), and "КОМПАНИЯ" seen on it, being placed on top of the pyramid. The circle is also facing left.

Variant: On some tapes, the structure is moved back, turned, it is a bit realistic and blue and is on a dark cloudy background.

Technique: Painted digital graphics.

Audio: The THX Deep Note transposed in +2 semitones, as heard on the LaserDisc and VHS variants of the Broadway trailer.

Availability: Same as the first two logos.

Legacy: It garnered somewhat of a bad reputation for using the THX Deep Note without permission.

4th Logo (1998-2003?)

Visuals: On a starry background, a blue planet appears zooming out from the bottom-right corner and the words "LASER VIDEO" zoom out from above. The words and planet meet at the center and a planet transforms into a circle. A lens flare passes through the circle and logo, revealing it's clear material. The arched words "INTERNATIONAL" are seen above and below the "LASER VIDEO" text. Then the Russian text "1st RUSSIAN HIGH-SPEED LASER VIDEO-COPYING FACTORY" fades in below. The logo is basically the symbol from the 3rd logo, but in English.

Variant: A still version can be spotted on a black background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A whoosh, with a synth note, and more quiet sounds coming after.

Availability: Seen on later releases.

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