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Jumbo Games is a Dutch-founded jigsaw puzzle and games company which was established in 1853 and is owned by M&R de Monchy N.V. Jumbo Games produce and manufacture all of their jigsaw puzzles and cardboard based games (among the most famous of them, Stratego) in their own factory that is based in the Netherlands. The Jumbo head office is located in the Netherlands and there are also offices in the UK, Germany and Belgium. It also distributed several children's-focused media on VHS in the early 90's, but this was relatively short-lived.

Logo (1992-1994?)

Visuals: On a blue gradient background, a red plate fades in embedded into the ground before it rises up, revealing itself to be a cube. The inside of the cube then collapses in on itself, revealing an silhouette of a cartoony elephant with a large cut out of it, revealed on all sides of the cube as a translucent white color before it turns opaque. The sides then begin to extrude strange translucent beams before they burst into light beams one-by-one, right as the cube rises up and starts to rotate around wildly. When all of the beams are lit, one of them engulfs the screen, flashing and having the side shown inverted inverted in color and with extra details (dots on the curved cut, possibly to represent a shawl, and an eye for the elephant) before the blue background shrinks to a rounded outline around the elephant shape, revealing a greyish-blue background. The square then shakes as the rounded text "JUMBO" zooms out and slams into the elephant, flashing the square and forming the Jumbo logo, with the "J" representing the elephant's ear. The logo then rises up slightly as the cursive text "Home Video" flips in.

Trivia: During the interwar years, Hausemann & Hotte commissioned wooden toys by the Mauritz en Ball company of Zeist. These toys had to be made to be strong enough "that a wooden elephant could stand on them". These toys were sold under the Jumbo brand name. This was the birth of the elephant brand.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A series of sound effects that correlate to each action in the following order: A synth drone, a hollow sucking sound, a series of ascending flute notes ending with a "ding" and sparkles, a reversal cymbal, a gunshot-like bang, and finally, a gong.

Availability: Their catalog around the period was limited, but it can be seen on copies of Monkey Trouble, The Never-ending Story, Little Nemo, several Tintin tapes, and a few others.

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