Great Man Film Production Limited

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Logo (December 15, 1994)

Visuals: At night, a camera shot of a shiny muscular man clad only in shorts, running down a open-lit corridor while carrying a large silver filmreel case, is seen at an Dutch angle. It then switches to a shot of the man at a straight look at his back before cutting back to the Dutch angle. It then switches to the straight shot, but with the camera suddenly shaking as we get a bit closer. It then cuts to the man outside a building turning around. He then grips the case with both hands and throws the filmreel case into the air, flipping many times before landing on a sidewalk with the man, now kneeling, holding it in place. The text "GREAT MAN FILM PRODUCTION LIMITED" fades in, along with the Chinese translation.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: It starts off with a synth beat with the man breathing being audible. As it progresses, the music gets more intense. Near the end, sounds of the case flipping in the air can be heard, along with a long synth drone at the end.

Availability: Seen only on Lantern.

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