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Not much is known about Fireworks Home Video, but it appears to have been a sublabel of Burbank Video for producing and releasing documentaries.

Logo (1988?-1991?)

Visuals: On a black background, sparks begin to move in from both sides of the screen, tracing a blue outline of the word "FIREWORKS." When they reach the center of the screen, completely forming the word, a rainbow gradient spreads out from the center in the order of red, orange, green, filling the word with color. A trademark symbol, the words "H O M E V I D E O" in lines, and a copyright stamp for USA Entertainment, Inc. fade in below. After about three seconds, all the text except for "FIREWORKS" disappears, and"FIREWORKS" spins clockwise, shrinking and fading into the background.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The sound of a fuse as the sparks form "FIREWORKS," followed by a triumphant orchestral fanfare as the color and other text fades in, then a warbling whoosh as "FIREWORKS" spins and fades out.

Availability: So far, it is only known to appear on two 1991 Burbank Video releases: JFK: John Fitzgerald Kennedy and The Beatles. This may have appeared on other releases, as the copyright stamp is dated 1988.

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