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Emmeritus Productions was a film company based in Hamilton, Ontario, formed by Lionel Shenken around 1984. The company became notable for producing a large quantity of low budget shot-on-video movies which primarily appeared on television, and became a noted force in the Canuxploitation movement for that, along with their films heavily featuring Canadian culture.

Logo (1984-1990)

Visuals: On a wavy gold background, a series of purple lines appear, forming the purple word "EMMERiTUS". The word moves towards the center and it shrinks down. The words "AN" and "PRODUCTION" fade in above and below the logo respectively. All three words then shift to the right in a residue trailing effect.

Variant: An updated version exists where the entire logo is surrounded by the wavy yellow circle border, featuring cleaner animation and having "A N" and "P R O D U C T I O N" fade in rather than appear.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: A high pitched synth note, followed by a synth chime, followed by three more synth notes and a deeper chime. Synthesized drops could be heard as the text trails away. It actually suits the logo quite well.

Availability: This was found on numerous low budget Canadian movies. The main version could be seen on Doomsday Plot, while the next version could be seen on Body Count. Their movies were released on VHS both in their home base in Canada and internationally as well.

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