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Channel U is a Singaporean Cantonese-language TV channel owned by Mediacorp. Originally as part of SPH MediaWorks, it was one of the two channels to be owned by the company (also Channel i). On 1 January 2005, SPH MediaWorks was liquidated and was merged to Mediacorp, which led to Channel U becoming the companion channel to Channel 8.

1st Logo (2001-200?)

Visuals: On a teal green background, we zoom in from several circles. When the circles dissolve, we see the Channel U logo, consisting of the turquoise ball with the "U" on the left, the text "伏频道" at the bottom of the ball and the "CHANNEL U" text below.

Variants: These variants were no longer used since Channel U became a 24-hour channel.

  • A morning variant exists, with the background being gold.
  • During the closedown of the channel, the background changes to teal.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Only shown before programmes on the channel.

2nd Logo (200?)

Visuals: Depending on the variants. All of which end with the Channel U logo from before.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Same as before.

3rd Logo (最精彩) (2011-2015)

Note: The video can be shown here. Also, the video contains elements that Channel U used during the era.

Visuals: Depending on the variants. These idents were featured on a white or black background, which end with the Channel U logo, with the text below being "最精彩" (The Most Exciting).

Trivia: CRITICA explained about its creative concept, which also described about the balls in the branding package too. See here for more information.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: CGI produced by CRITICA, a Singaporean design agency.

Audio: Unknown. Designed by Klassik and its jingle were composed by Home Studio.

Availability: Same as before.

4th Logo (活出个性/Live It Up) (2015-2023)

Note: The videos are not able to be shown on this page. However, the videos can be found while clicking one of the variants' name next to the description of the variant.

Visuals: Depending on the variants. Like before, these all end with the Channel U logo, with both the text "活出个性" (Live It Up), with the English translation (in a cyan-blue gradient) below folding in.


  • Idents:
    • Confident: On a city with staircases, we see some grey balls (there were also magenta/blue balls). Later, some magenta/blue balls came moving across, which form together in a empty space, to form the logo from before.
    • Fun: On a grey hallway shaped like a hexagon (which has windows in a folding sides to the carnival), we see alot of grey balls from before, then several balls form a hexagon, which becomes magenta/blue (and then cyan). In-between, the screen started to mirror itself on orange/magenta/blue/cyan tinted triangles. Like before, the logo forms as usual.
    • Hero: At first, we see alot of grey balls from before (which already covered up the screen), then some balls fall from the group, revealing an warehouse-like room (with a window on top). The balls from before form a huge ball and become magenta/blue, then it fully became cyan, which forms the logo.
    • Witty: On a grey floor with twirling ramps, we see the same grey balls from before. Then, they become magenta/blue/cyan balls, which fly up to form the logo in the sky.
  • Time Belts:
    • Best of Asian Drama: On a white studio, we see white figures doing martial arts, and one fights another one. The "U" logo appear on the left, with the text "亚洲最HIT又弋剧" (Asia's Most Hit Drama) appears.
    • Busy Lately: On a room with walls as lights, we see two white squares doing things like spinning and connecting one other. Then, we see a statue. Shortly after, the two squares move to the statue and the same ending animation from "Best of Asian Drama" plays, but the text is "最近比较忙" (Busy Lately).
    • K-Drama: On a room with walls and floor as wood planks and a window on the top, we see several polishes and make-ups on a red table. Once we zoom out from the table, the same ending animation from "Best of Asian Drama" and "Busy Lately" plays, but the text is "优选拌饭剧场" (Best Bibimbap Theater).
    • Local Talkshow: On a library, we see several Chinese books at first. Then, we cut into a light on the top with several Chinese letters falling, and it was revealed to be above the hand. The same ending animation from the first 3 time-belt bumpers plays, but the text is "原创资讯节目" (Original Information Program).
    • Smart U: On a garage-like warehouse, we see a chain reaction. The chain reaction has one of the Newton balls hit a tire, then the latter lands on a button, which turns on a fan, then a red balloon holding a food (possibly a curry puff) fly, then it made the red ball land on a light switch, which turns on a small light. At the moment we start to see a small light, the same ending animation plays, but the text is "精明的U" (same meaning).
    • Thematic Weekend Movies: We see several pans of a circular movie theater, then the countdown leader played on a screen at the top. The same ending animation plays, but the text is "周末U 选强档" (Weekend U Selection: Strong File).

Technique: CGI produced by Vividthree Productions.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Same as before. It was introduced following the rebrand of its HD channel.

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