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This is the production company of David Salzman. In 1993, it was merged with Quincy Jones Entertainment, forming Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment.

Logo (September 16, 1991-1994, 1997-May 21, 2003)

Visuals: On a dark marble background, we two silver lines of text surrounded by three red lines: the top line, which reads "DAVID SALZMAN", slides in from the left, along with the red one on top. The bottom line of text reads "ENTERPRISES" and slides in from the right, along with the red line below. The red line in the center takes up the entire screen at first, and then shrinks to the size of the other two lines when those lines slide in. All three lines briefly turn the same silver color as the text, and then back to red.

Variant: A variant exists that replaces "ENTERPRISES" with "ENTERTAINMENT". This variant also has David Salzman's first and last name spaced out more than normal; this was used from 1991 until 1994.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The end theme of The Jenny Jones Show until 1992 with a announcer saying "This is a David Salzman Production in association with Telepictures Productions, distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution". From 1992-1994 and late 1997-2003, a sounder that is similar to that of the 1993 Telepictures Productions logo that precedes (starting in 1998) or follows this logo (from 1993-1994 and late 1997-1998, though Dark Justice has the Lorimar Television logo following instead) or the day's musical performance may play over.

Availability: It was seen on the syndicated television talk show The Jenny Jones Show. It was also seen on the CBS series Dark Justice from 1992-1993 which was last reran on TNT in the late 90's.

David Salzman Enterprises
Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment
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