CRM Productions

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CRM Productions was a division of McGraw-Hill that produced educational programs.

Logo (1968-1984)

Visuals: On a black background, several multi-colored pieces revolve and float around the screen, with a few that momentarily disappear and reappear. Eventually, they all come together to form the connected letters "CRM", made as a cote-out between the pieces act as an extruded shadow effect (similar to the WGBH and MGM/UA Communications Co. logos). While it forms, the word "PRODUCTIONS" in white sweeps in underneath it, and then the logo stays still for a few seconds. Then, the word "PRESENTS" zooms in from below the logo and continues off-screen, causing the logo to break apart and float off-screen.

Variant: On some programs, the middle half of the logo follows the McGraw-Hill Films logo and animates as normal, but before "PRESENTS" zooms in, it cuts to a warning screen.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: Same as the 1968 McGraw-Hill Films logo theme.

Availability: It appeared on programs produced by CRM such as Are We Still Going to the Movies?, I Guess I Got the Job, Helping: A Growing Dimension of Management, Decisions, Verbal Communication: The Power of Words, With Love and Hisses, Motivation: The Classic Concepts, and Working with Difficult People. Most of these were basic educational films for the classroom, and can be viewed on Internet Archive.

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