McGraw-Hill Films

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1st Logo (1964-1968)

Visuals: On a white background, the McGraw Hill logo, in black and with the text in white, zooms towards the viewer and stops.

Variant: On Phoebe, the logo is still.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Intact on the RiffTrax treatment of Phoebe.

2nd Logo (1968-1984)

Visuals: On a black background, several parallel white lines from both sides of the screen towards the opposite side. The lines loosen from the sides and align themselves to the center of the screen. They bind together, and the words "McGraw-Hill Films" in Helvetica, appear. The official logo of McGraw-Hill at the time suddenly appears (in teal) below the text. This logo would then either cut to the CRM Productions logo or a copyright notice.

Variant: A short version, which is a still shot of the finished logo, exists.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: An acoustic guitar and harmonica piece with some Moog twinkling-like sounds thrown in.

Audio Variant: The short version and sometimes the animated logo are silent.

Availability: This was seen on films of the time. Some were shown on TV, others for the classroom. Regardless, these films likely haven't been reran, so you'll either have to go on eBay or visit the Internet Archive. The World of Stuart Little was one of the first films to use this logo. The variant can be found on some productions of McGraw-Hill Films that were released on VHS by MasterVision as well as on Anatomy of Welfare.

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