Absolutely Productions (UK)

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NOTE: Not to be confused with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim's production company, Abso Lutely Productions.

Logo (May 23, 1989-)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the large white word "ABSOLUTELY" in a child-like font. Below the word "ABSOLUTELY" is the small text that says either "PRODUCTIONS LIMITED" or none. Sometimes, the word "AN" is above "ABSOLUTELY" and the word "PRODUCTION" is below "ABSOLUTELY", both in the same child-like font. Below the logo, credits for other companies are shown.


  • Sometimes, the logo also shares the screen with other logos (including the 1997 BBC, 1999 HTV and Carlton and 2004 ITV Wales logos).
  • Most of the time, the logo appears in a box.
  • On The Jack Docherty Show and Melinda's Big Night In, the logo shares the screen with the 1996 United Film & Television Productions logo with the text "for Channel 5" appearing below. The copyright notice also reads "© Anglia Television Ltd / Absolutely Productions Ltd (year)" which appears at the bottom of the screen.

Technique: A still, computerized graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of the programme or none.

Availability: This logo was first seen on the 1989-1993 sketch comedy series Absolutely, which is the company's namesake (the logo was also used as its series logo as well).

  • It can also be found on TV movies such as Welcome to Strathmuir, and other programmes such as Stressed Eric, Barry Welsh is Going, Meg and Mog, The Jack Docherty Show, and Melinda's Big Night In, among others.
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