Where's Lunch?

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This is the production company of Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Logo (September 13, 1996-May 16, 2005, November 16, 2009-October 3, 2019)

Visuals: There is a shot of a table with a white-and-red checkerboard tablecloth with several flower designs seen throughout. On top is a white cloth reading "Where's Lunch" in a blue serif font. To the left of the cloth is a folded red napkin with a fork on top. On the right side of the cloth is a knife and spoon. Above is a bread basket with several dinner rolls inside, salt and pepper shakers, and a glass of water. A hand then places a plate of food, which varies depending on the episode, on top of the cloth.


  • The piano ditty in this logo was actually used at the end of some episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • This logo is (obviously) a nod to Phil Rosenthal's love of food, and he later hosted two different food-oriented travel series (I'll Have What Phil's Having on PBS, and Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix).


  • Starting in 1997, different utensils with blue handles are used and the company name also looks different.
  • During the logo's early years, most of the plates were placed using one hand, while the rest of the series used two hands.
  • In 1999, with the show's transition to widescreen, a widescreen version was created.
  • On the episode "The Finale", the utensils are absent and the napkin is also crumpled on the left side of the cloth.
  • There is also a version where there is a glass cup. The hand fills it up with what seems to be water.
  • Some international adaptations of Everybody Loves Raymond simply use a still in-credit version.

Food Variants: There is a lot of them. Here's what can be found on the plate:

* "Pilot": The plate contains a split lobster tail, a sliced lemon, and broccoli.

  • "I Love You": The plate contains grilled steak, mixed vegetables, and a baked potato.
  • "I Wish I Were Gus": The plate contains 4 pieces of ravioli with tomato sauce.
  • "Standard Deviation": The plate contains a bowl of hot chili, stuffed with shredded cheese and sliced and diced onions.
  • "Look, Don't Touch": The plate contains 3 slices of meatloaf, a helping of mixed vegetables, and a dose of mashed potatoes.
  • "Frank, the Writer": The plate contains a hotdog in a bun with mustard and chopped onions.
  • "Your Place or Mine?": The plate contains a tray of rigatoni with tomato sauce and meatballs.
  • "In-Laws": The plate contains a guacamole, tortilla chips, okra, two carne asadas, refried beans, and Spanish rice.
  • "Win, Lose or Draw": An entire pizza is put onto the cloth. It has pepperoni, green peppers, black olives and mushrooms on it.
  • "Turkey or Fish": The plate has a rubber chicken on it.
  • "Captain Nemo": The plate contains a sushi spread (made up of a salmon, a tuna, a shrimp, and three California rolls) with wasabi and spicy mayo dips.
  • "The Ball": The plate contains a snack plate with cheese, apple slices, bread and grapes, with peanut butter and jelly dip.
  • "Debra's Sick": The plate contains a turkey club sandwich, with a spinach salad and cherry tomatoes on the side.
  • "Who's Handsome?": A bowl of Spaghetti-O's are placed on the cloth.
  • "The Car": The plate contains ribs, with asparagus spears, corn, and roasted vegetables.
  • "Diamonds": The plate contains a pot pie with macaroni and cheese and creamed spinach.
  • "The Game": The plate contains a lox bagel with tomato slices and capers.
  • "Recovering Pessimist": The plate contains a dinner salad, with cucumber slices and a toasted bagel on one side.
  • "The Dog": The plate contains a burger with onion rings.
  • "Neighbours": A bowl of fruit salad topped with cottage cheese is placed on the cloth.
  • "Fascinatin' Debra": A paper bag lunch is put onto the cloth.
  • "Why Are We Here?": The plate contains grilled salmon with lime, mixed vegetables, and rice pilaf.

* "Ray's on TV": The plate contains a bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese.

  • "Father Knows Least": The plate contains chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, green beans, and mixed vegetables.
  • "Brother": The plate contains clams in the shell, with lemon slices to the left.
  • "Mozart": The plate contains an open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwich with grapes, baby carrots, and potato chips.
  • "Golf": The plate contains a taco salad.
  • "Anniversary": The plate contains shrimp lo mein.
  • "Working Late Again": The plate contains a tomato and basil salad with mozzarella cheese and some bread slices.
  • "The Children's Book": The plate contains a small chicken with asparagus.
  • "The Gift": The plate contains a bowl of clam chowder with oyster crackers.
  • "High School": The plate contains sausages with sauerkraut.
  • "The Letter": The plate contains a turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, and green beans.
  • "All I Want for Christmas": A TV dinner with Salisbury steak, corn, and mashed potatoes are placed on the cloth.
  • "Civil War": The plate contains a boiled crab with a bunch of lemon slices.
  • "Mia Famiglia": The plate contains a can of sardines surrounded by saltine crackers.
  • "Marie's Meatballs": An emptied glass of red juice is put onto the cloth.
  • "The Checkbook": The plate contains fried chicken, baked beans, corn on the cob, and either collard greens or spinach.
  • "The Ride-Along": The plate contains brie with grapes and baguette slices.
  • "The Family Bed": The plate contains macaroni and cheese with green beans, baby carrots, and corn bread.
  • "Good Girls": The plate contains Chinese food: chicken on rice with broccoli, egg roll with sweet n' sour sauce, lo mein, and a fortune cookie.
  • "T-Ball": The plate contains a garden salad.
  • "Traffic School": The plate contains ham, beans, coleslaw, corn bread, and what looks like stuffing.
  • "Six Feet Under": The plate contains nachos topped with melted cheese, black olives, sliced and diced green onions and tomatoes, and some sour cream.
  • "The Garage Sale": The plate contains a sandwich with chips, a couple pickles, and potato salad.
  • "The Wedding: Part 1": The plate contains chili dogs and Fritos corn chips.
  • "The Wedding: Part 2": The plate contains pork and gravy with mashed potatoes, a casserole, and a dinner roll.

  • * "The Invasion": The plate contains fish sticks with celery and carrot sticks, and coleslaw.

  • "Driving Frank": The plate contains a Philly cheese steak sandwich with sauce and fried pickles.
  • "Getting Even": The plate contains mixed vegetables on brown rice.
  • "The Visit": The plate contains chicken chow mein and two egg rolls.
  • "Halloween Candy": The plate contains a fish fillet with rice, lemons, and tomatoes.
  • "The Toaster": The plate contains a stuffed chicken breast with peas, carrots, and pearl onions.
  • "Ping Pong": The plate contains corn dogs, Doritos tortilla chips, pickles, and cole slaw.
  • "Ray Home Alone": The plate contains steak kabob and fettuccine pasta with sliced red peppers.
  • "How They Met": The plate contains a baked potato stuffed with brussels sprouts and a spinach salad.

  • * "Boob Job": The plate contains apple grape salad, with sliced strawberries and bread sticks.

  • "You Bet": The plate contains a steak topped with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and sliced bell peppers.
  • "Cousin Gerard": The plate contains stuff on an avocado, probably strawberries, salad and grapes.
  • "Debra's Workout": The plate contains a bread with chili and cream cheese, onions, and what looks like a lemon.
  • "Left Back": The plate contains three sausages with bread inside, mixed vegetables, grapes, and chips.
  • "The Christmas Picture": The plate contains an artichoke, sliced lemons, a patty burger, some kind of sauce, and some kind of vegetable.
  • "What's with Robert?": The plate contains some pancakes with a smiley face made up of cream cheese and cherries at the top.
  • "Bully on the Bus": The plate contains sausages and beans.
  • "Hackidu": A bowl of alphabet soup is placed on the cloth, with some veggies mixed in.
  • "Debra Makes Something Good": A bowl of cereal flakes and sliced strawberries are put onto the cloth.

  • * "The Surprise Party": The plate contains eight tomatoes, some broccoli, chips and mushrooms.

    * "Pat's Secret": The plate contains meat with leeks, cabbage and chopped peppers.

  • "The Finale": A black plastic container is put onto the cloth. The container has a bill in it that reads "NO CHARGE! Thank you."

  • * Throughout the entire series, the plate contains penne pasta with green beans, sesame seeds, black olives and tomatoes.

    Technique: All live-action.

    Audio: A short 12-note piano ditty composed by Rick Marotta.

    Audio Variants:

    • On the episode "Turkey or Fish", a distorted chicken cluck sound is heard.
    • In some cases, the end theme of the show is used.
    • On some season 1 episodes, a few of the notes from the music had been cut off.
    • On Voroniny, the music is slowed down and low-pitched.
    • Original CBS airings used a generic theme.

    Availability: Seen on Everybody Loves Raymond and its Russian adaptation Voroniny.

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