Wapello County Productions

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Wapello County Productions was the production company of then-married couple Roseanne Barr (then Arnold; who would later form her own sole company, Full Moon & High Tide Productions) and Tom Arnold. The name comes from Ottumwa, Iowa, located in Wapello County, where Tom Arnold was originally from. In 1993, Barr and Arnold's company struck a deal with Warner Bros. Television. The vanity card likely shut down after the couple's divorce in April 1994.

Logo (January 5, 1991-June 13, 1994)

Visuals: On a green hill in daytime with a big red barn in the middle with hay on the left side of the building and inside stick out of the top window and with a windmill on the right, an animated version of Roseanne and Tom Arnold on a motorcycle drive around the barn. After making the first round in front, leaves smoke, and after another go-around, stops in front of the barn door smiling with a wave towards the screen. As this happens, the smoke dissipates into "Wapello County Productions, Inc." in a cursive font.


  • A shortened version exists.
  • On Tom, the word "TOM & ROSEANNE'S" is added on top of the roof and the "In Association With" text is seen below as it fades out, as well as the company name is now in green instead of blue.

Technique: Hand-drawn animation done at Spaff Animation Inc.

Audio: Roseanne and Tom Arnold laughing alongside the sound of the motorcycle. On The Woman Who Loved Elvis, the closing theme of the movie was used.

Availability: Seen on the Roseanne comedy special Live From Trump Castle: Roseanne Arnold and The Woman Who Loved Elvis on VHS and DVD release for the latter. This also appeared on the shows The Rosey and Buddy Hour, The Jackie Thomas Show and Tom, all gone outside of off-air recordings.

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