Walking Bud Productions

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This is the production company of Todd Holland (who would go on to form Dark Toy Entertainment with Karey Burke), founded in 2002.

1st Logo (March 12-December 15, 2004)

Visuals: On a black background, there is an Apple QuickTime window with the video of an off-screen boy playing fetch with his golden retriever called "Bud", at the beach. The words "Walking Bud" appear below the video.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Waves crashing, and a young boy's voice saying "Get the ball, Bud!" followed by Bud barking.

Availability: Seen on the series Wonderfalls, which can be found on DVD.

2nd Logo (March 14-August 1, 2010)

Visuals: In a cave, the screen pans over to see crudely drawn figures on a wall, one of which (the one in the center of the screen) is of a man walking his dog on a leash. The dog barks and the words "Walking Bud" in italicized letters and underlined appears at the bottom with the acronym "TKH" below in small type.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A film reel rolling, followed by the soundbite of a dog barking (which is recycled from the previous logo).

Availability: Seen on the series Sons of Tucson, which can be purchased on various online video services.

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