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Video Mercury Films (also known in short as just Mercury Films) is a Spanish home entertainment, film distribution and film restoration company. Founded by Enrique Cerezo (the president of football club Atlético de Madrid) in 1980, this company claims they hold the biggest film library in Spain, with over 7,000 titles (80% of those being filmed in Spain).[1]

1st Logo (2000s)

Visuals: A cloud is covering a marble surface. The cloud dissipates, revealing the marble is actually dark green, as the silhouette of a film tape quickly flies through the screen, diagonally. Another film tape appears and goes through the screen in the same style, but slower and horizontally, filled with clips from classic Spanish films. In the background, some lights slowly flash through the screen. A golden light beam then starts shining on the upper part of the screen, while the words "VIDEO MERCURY FILMS", written in gold, fly through the screen in the opposite direction of the film tape. This text then rotates to settle in the center of the screen, then it starts shining heavily, from left to right. After that, the text "PRESENTA" fades in under the company's name.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A luxurious fanfare.

Availability: It could be seen on early movies like the 2003 release of "Mortadelo y Filemón: Agencia de información". However, most recent re-releases use the next logo below.

2nd Logo (Mid 2010s-)

Visuals: In space, the Earth is seen in the distance, in the Mesozoic, when Pangaea still existed. The camera closes up on it as it starts quickly rifting and breaking away, forming the continents, and turning into today's Earth. The camera then shows the entire planet and moves to the North Pole, when it reveals that the VIDEO MERCURY FILMS logo is floating above it. As the camera rotates, the Sun appears and settles behind the Earth, which makes it glow, in a Universal Pictures kind of way.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An epic fanfare.

Availability: Found on current releases of movies, such as "Historias de la radio" and "Matador".

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