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posted 50 days ago

I've been noticing, with your additions to the Logos by Year pages, that the cell colors you have added to the rows to indicate their medium are wrong. I would suggest checking the categories to see what medium the company produces for and visit this page to copy and paste the appropriate cell colors.

posted 125 days 12 hours 40 minutes ago

I've posted some pictures with some MEDIA Prog. of the EU/Europe Loves Cinema logos on them into the gallery. See if you can find them.

posted 138 days 4 hours 12 minutes ago

thank you for editing the page I was working on, if I kept going, I would've blown up the universe with my awful source code

posted 140 days 4 hours 19 minutes ago

Hello! Thanks for making a TV Pinguim logo page!

posted 148 days 7 hours 52 minutes ago

In case you missed the recently passed proposal, "Technique: None" is now invalid, which is why I changed it on the Long Feng draft article.

posted 158 days 17 hours 52 minutes ago

All episodes of the German dub of Pablo, the Little Red Fox has been found:

posted 218 days ago

You think it's funny? You think it's funny to sneak a tampered with logo link in an edit summary? Especially one involving MLP? I for one think it's outrageous, ridiculous, and hysterical.

posted 303 days ago

A new found logo that was used on Channel 4's Boom! has now been found, making it the last Ragdoll logo from 1985-1995 to included and it completed the Ragdoll logo itself as well. Logo: On Boom!. Can you do fixed the Ragdoll AVID page please?

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