Underdog Productions

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This is the vanity card of Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, the creators of American Dad!.

Logo (February 6, 2005-)

Visuals: There is a police officer with black hair standing in front of what appears to be an animation studio (which may be the office block that Fuzzy Door Productions, another one of MacFarlane's studios, is located). The man then waves and gives a thumbs up while saying a different phrase in a thick Latin American accent. The company name is shown below, aligned to the bottom-left in the Aardvark font.

Trivia: The man in the clip is Manuel Peña, a Venezuelan immigrant who was a security guard at the building where Family Guy and American Dad! were produced. He would say the phrases in this logo to people leaving the building.

Variants: Depending on the episode, Peña may say a different line.

  • "Bye, have a beautiful time!" (this line was also spoken by a character in the American Dad! episode, "Toy Wh*rey").
  • "Bye, have a great time!"
  • "Buh-bye, see you soon!"
  • "Have a great night!" (he simply gives a thumbs up in this variant).

Other Variants:

  • On rare occasions on airings of the series on TBS (split-screen credits only), the logo is sped up, as well as the 20th Television logo.
  • A French version exists, where Peña is dubbed over in French. He says "C'était génial, non?" ("It was great/Fantastic, right?")
  • An Italian version exists, where Peña is dubbed over in Italian.
    • His following phrases are: "Ciao! Anzi, au revoir!" ("Bye! Better yet, au revoir!"), "A presto! Non sto più nella pelle!" ("See ya! I can't wait [a slang]!"), "Ciao e buone vacanze!" ("Bye and happy vacations/holidays!").
  • Starting with the episode "A Star Is Reborn", the text is now in a thinner font.
  • An Adult Swim airing of the episode "Black Mystery Month" has the same font as the credits (Ad Lib) instead.

Technique: Live action footage.

Audio: Just Peña's voice. On the episode "In Country...Club", his voice echoes, tying in with the theme of the episode's credits.

Audio Trivia: The "Bye, have a great time!" dialogue has been heard in many memes across YouTube.

Availability: Seen only on American Dad!.

Legacy: A favorite among fans of the series.