TVR (1956-1968)

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TVR was the first name of TVR 1 and the first television channel in Romania, beginning broadcasting on 31 December 1956. However, it went off the air for two months since the studio was not fully set up. On 2 May 1968, a second channel, Programul 2, was launched, leading to this channel to become Programul 1.

ID (1961-1968)

Visuals: Inside a dark circle, the channel's name is in an arc with two thick asterisks separating the two words. The background consists of two "D"-like shapes to the left and right of the logo and a gradient line background with a warped top and bottom edge.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Only an image of the ident is known to exist.

TVR (1956-1968)
Programul 1
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