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On 2 May 1968, a second channel, Programul 2, was launched, leading to TVR to become Programul 1. In 1985, due to dictorial order of the suspension of the 2nd channel, the channel's name was reverted back to TVR.

1st ID (2 May 1968-1973)

Visuals: There are multiple copies of "TVR1" throughout the background. In the centre is a giant copy of the text within a thinly outlined box.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Only an image of the ident is known to exist.

2nd ID (2 May 1968-1973)

Visuals: On a dark background, the channel name with a giant "1" underneath it is against a wide, rounded diamond. Said shape additionally has six copies expanding from the centre, each of which is in a brighter color than the previous one.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: Like before, the only thing that has surfaced of this ident is an image.

3rd ID (1973-1980)

Visuals: It consists of an eye-like shape with multiple lines popping out of the object. Within the shape's "pupil" is the channel name warped in an arc with two dots separating the text and a giant "1" in the centre.

Technique: Possibly none.

Audio: Unknown.

4th ID (1980-1985)

Visuals: The company name, in an Impact-like font and white colour, is set on a spiky diamond burst background comprised of multiple colours. From inner to outer, the diamonds are coloured dodger blue, tan, dark red, red, orange, and tan.


  • An early black and white variant exists. Here, the words' width are nearly identitcal, but "ROMÂNĂ" is larger than "TELEVIZIUNEA".
  • Another ident features the logo within a multi-coloured TV cube, comprised of dodger blue as the tube's colour and dark blue, dark red, red, and orange as its border. The tube is also against a 3D tile background where the insides of the cubes have a white-green gradient and the background is red.

Technique: A still painting filmed by a camera.

Audio: A rendition of "Pe-al nostru steag e scris Unire" plays in the background while an announcer voices over the ident.

Availability: The black and white variant was briefly featured in a 50th anniversary video of the channel.

TVR (1956-1968)
Programul 1
TVR (1985-1989)
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