Sparrow Records

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1st Logo (1990's)

Visuals: There is a black background, then a white sparrow with "SPARROW" underneath as it fades in.


  • On a few tapes by the label, the logo in a different color, and it may be placed on the show's credits background.
  • On the second and third videos in The Adventures of Prayer Bear trilogy, which are titled "How to Pray" and "Time to Pray", respectively, a clip from the second video is shown as part of the logo. The clip features a puppet rabbit trying to show off his fast running, only to collide with a tree.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on the Trimark VHS release of Solomon. The variants are available on videos like Steve Green's "Hide 'em in Your Heart" series.

2nd Logo (1995-1999)

Visuals: The camera fades from black and the sequence starts in the eye of the sparrow. The eye turns out counterclockwise as it reveals a golden sparrow. At the same time, the wing on the bird moves up. The word "SPARROW" appears in all capital letters, turning towards the camera. A fancy caustic light effect moves left to right on the name.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Silent, or a big ascending whoosh followed by a new age tune, used when the logo first appeared

Availability: Found on Sparrow releases such as Bibleman and The Singing Place, as well as the first video in The Adventures of Prayer Bear trilogy, titled "Best Friends".

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