Shut Up! Cartoons

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Shut Up! Cartoons was an adult animation channel project created by Smosh and Barry Blumberg that features various animated web-shows, a total of 36 web-shows premiered on the channel for a 5-year lifespan from April 30, 2012 until June 23, 2017 when the channel ended with the finale of Smosh Babies.

Logo (April 30, 2012-June 23, 2017)

Visuals: Same as the 3rd Smosh Productions logo, but with a Mickey Mouse-styled hand holding the blue spray can, and when the Smosh logo finishes, an anvil with the words "SHUT UP!" falls down on the logo, with a yellow background alongside it. The word "CARTOONS" pops up in the bottom of the anvil.

Technique: 2D Flash animation.

Audio: A random quote from one of their shows (which varies depending on the video), before Ian Hecox interrupts shouting "Shut up!!!" like the main Smosh logo, which then ends with another voice saying "Cartoons!" (which also varies depending on the show). Other sounds are audible like spraying sounds for the can, a falling and smashing sound for the anvil, and a "ding" sound for when "Cartoons" pop up.

Availability: While it's no longer current since the channel's shutdown, it's seen on all of their web-shows from the era, starting with Do's and Don'ts and ending with the finale of Smosh Babies.

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