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Shukovsky English Entertainment, originally known as Scukovsky/English Productions, is the production company of Joel Shukovsky and Diane English.

Shukovsky/English Productions

Logo (December 11, 1985-May 18, 1992)

Visuals: On a black screen, the chrome-looking words "SHUKOVSKY" and "ENGLISH" horizontally slide in from opposite sides of the screen. The words pass over each other, stopping as they form. Then a red thunder bolt-like line appears, which slides from the top of the screen, striking another smaller one in-between, causing it to flash briefly as "P R O D U C T I O N S" and an IAW notice appear below.

Trivia: The logo uses the same font as the Murphy Brown title screen, but with a shiny chrome appearance.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The closing theme of the show. On pre-2003 prints of Murphy Brown, Charles Kimbrough is also heard saying over this and the Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution logo that follows, "Murphy Brown is a Shukovsky-English Production, in association with Warner Bros. Television, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution."

Availability: Seen on the first four seasons of Murphy Brown. On most newer prints, it's plastered with the SEE logo. This was also seen on the short-lived 1985 sitcom Foley Square.

Shukovsky English Entertainment

Logo (September 21, 1992-October 16, 1998)

Visuals: On a black outer-space background that shows a quarter of the planet Earth, the 3D letters "SEE" rotate and take their place in the center, as purple streaks trail out. As the text rotates, the color of the shadowing of the letters changes from orange to purple. The company name appears below just as it finishes forming.

Early Variant: There exists a variant from 1992-1994 where the background is lime green and the text is black.

Later Variant: On The Murphy Brown Special, the "in association with" text is seen below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The end theme of the show, a generic theme starting in early 1995, or the voiceover from the previous logo.

Audio Variants:

  • On The Murphy Brown Special, a short trumpet tune is used.
  • On Living in Captivity, a gentle 3-note theme is used.

Availability: It appeared on seasons 5-10 of Murphy Brown, and plasters the previous logo on seasons 1-4 episodes on most newer prints. It also appeared on The Murphy Brown Special, Love and War, and Living in Captivity.

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