Rocket Science Laboratories

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Rocket Science Laboratories was a reality television production company set up in 1998 by Chris Cowan and Jean-Michel Michenaud. In July 2009, the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was liquidated. Cowan and Michenaud then moved to Banijay to start a new reality-TV subsidiary, Angel City Factory; that company went defunct on May 23, 2012, when Cowan joined BermanBraun and Michenaud left the company.

Logo (August 7, 1999-2009)

Visuals: On a black background, an illustration of a rocket blasting off in front of an orange crescent moon with two stars is seen. Below are the words "Rocket Science" and "L A B O R A T O R I E S".

Variant: On Temptation Island, the crescent moon is flipped, the stars are placed on the top-left of the crescent, and the words are respectively placed above and below and in a different font (in this case, the one famous for its use in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films).

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: A descending sci-fi-like theme, a synth "bong" sound, the closing theme or none. Original airings used its generic theme.

Availability: Seen on Secret Millionaire, Bullrun, Duel, and other shows.

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