Ranch Hand Productions

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This is the vanity plate of Ashton Kutcher, Don Reo and Jim Patterson, who all previously worked on Two and a Half Men.

Logo (April 1, 2016-January 24, 2020)

Visuals: On a white background with a light blue oval spotlight is caricatures of Don Reo, Jim Patterson and Ashton Kutcher, riding on a small green tractor, with Reo sitting on the top waving at us, Patterson in the seat and Kutcher holding onto a rope that has a caricature of Danny Masterson standing on a wooden board with four wheels, with him leaning on a large wooden board on top reading the company name inside it. A hat is seen flying off next to Masterson's head. After a few seconds, the camera quickly pans to the right to reveal that the rope is holding onto something, containing people on it with their respective names against a colored oval spotlight (a different one every episode).

Later Variant: Starting with S3 E11, the oval became yellow, and the design of the logo was entirely changed. Reo and Patterson are now seen riding a red-white pickup truck with the former in the seat and the latter in the back, holding onto the wooden board (now slightly redesigned with legs on it) and has Kutcher leaning against it with a rooster next to it sitting on the edge, and all three men now wear different clothing. Also, Masterson was removed due to being written out of the series following multiple sexual assault allegations made against him.

Technique: Simple 2D computer animation.

Audio: The closing theme.

Availability: Seen on The Ranch.