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Paramedia is a company founded in 2005 by Jim Paratore, and currently run by Jill Wickert after Paratore died on May 28, 2012. The company, however, didn't use a logo until 2007.

Logo (September 10, 2007-)

Visuals: On a background composed of flaming orange embers, there is a black abstract comet with dots streaming from its left, giving the impression that it's moving. On the comet is the text "paraMedia".


  • A still version exists.
  • A warp-speed version exists.
  • On TMZ on TV from at least the May 8, 2008 episode onward, the flash from the preceding Harvey Levin Productions logo fades to this.
    • Starting in 2020, this variant is placed in the split-screen credits.

Technique: CGI by Aerodome Pictures.

Audio: An electric guitar note held throughout, with a menacing-sounding hum in the background all the while. Composed by Norman Arnold.

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, it's silent or the closing theme plays over.
  • A rare variation has sounds of what appears to be beeping, water bubbling, and other sounds. This can be found on Aerodome Pictures's website.

Availability: Seen on TMZ on TV. Also seen on the 2008 version of The Bonnie Hunt Show. It also appeared on Lopez Tonight and Let's Ask America.

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