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Mega TV was the first subscription-based pay television service in Malaysia. It was incorporated on October 18, 1994 and began transmissions on November 1, 1995.

Due to fierce competition with Astro, which launched months later, it failed to break into the pay television market, and ceased transmissions on October 1, 2001.

(November 1, 1995-October 1, 2001)

Visuals: Against a space background, there is a planet at the top let of the screen which seems to resemble the Earth. A long, bending crystal-like object reveals itself from the back of the planet. We then follow the object as it merges together to a single object, before colliding with a blue pad which seems to resemble the shape of an analog TV screen, creating a giant M in an abstract style. As the logo begins rotating to face the camera, a red light in the same shape of the M flies in, giving the M a border. After the background turns white is the text "MEGA TV" appear letter by letter, shooting light resembling the outlines of the text.

Variant: At the beginning of the promo for the service, there is a yellow line wiggling repeatedly, which fills up the screen at the beginning before zooming from us to reveal itself, before a flash appears. At the end of the promo, the blue pad from the ident flies in and flies through the wiggling line, and the latter stops wiggling. Sparkles appear around the wavy line to turn it into the M from before. The M then moves to the position of the pad as the background turns white, revealing the "MEGA TV" text, along with red text in cursive with a curved line under it at the bottom:

Alamilah Kehebatan,
Pelbagai Saluran!

If you translate the text to English, it reads:

Experience the Greatness,
Multiple Channels!

Technique: 3D CGI produced by APT.

Audio: A thirty-five-note bombastic synth fanfare accompanied by drum and cymbal sounds, along with a flash noise. The last note of the fanfare is held for a few seconds, and is accompanied by four synth notes.

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