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This is the vanity plate of Arthur creator Marc Brown. Strangely, none of his vanity plates ever appeared on the Arthur show itself, they were only regulated to specials and series spin-offs.

1st Logo (September 12, 2000-September 2, 2002)

Visuals: On a black background, there are the words "MARC BROWN STUDIOS" in red.

Variant: On Arthur: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, the logo fades into a white background.

Technique: A still image consisting of digital text.

Audio: The closing theme of the special.

Availability: Seen only on Arthur's Perfect Christmas and Arthur: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll.

2nd Logo (October 11, 2004-February 25, 2012)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a yellow rounded rectangle in the center of the screen with the words:


in it, in the same font as before.

Technique: A still, digital graphic logo.

Audio: The ending theme of Postcards from Buster.

Availability: Seen only on Postcards from Buster.

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