Google Maps Go

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Google Maps Go is the lightweight progressive web app variation of the original Google Maps application, launched on February 6, 2018. Taking up 100 times less space on your device than the original application, it is designed to run smoothly on devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information.

Screen (2020?-)

Visuals: This is just the Google Maps logo inside a white square with a blue shape with the word "GO" on it at the bottom of it on a white (if the device is on light mode) or gray (if the device is on dark mode) background.

Variant: Portrait and landscape versions exist.

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: It can be seen when you start the Google Maps Go app on a tablet or phone.

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