Full Flavor

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This is John Carcieri's vanity card.

Logo (January 17-June 5, 2018)

Visuals: There is a brown dog sat on a missile, its ears flapping as it falls to the continent of North Carolina. The words "FULL FLAVOR" appear in 3D with a red-orange gradient inside a white border, while some copyright text (which reads "© COPYRIGHT 2017 FULL FLAVOR, INC.") appears underneath.

Trivia: This logo is designed by Leigh McG.[1]

Variant: On The Last O.G., the logo is next to The Tannenbaum Company and Principato-Young Entertainment logos.

Technique: Cartoon animation.

Audio: A sound of the dog's ears flapping or none.

Audio Variant: On The Last O.G., the aforementioned logos' themes play over the audio.

Availability: Seen only on the first season on The Last O.G. on TBS.


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