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Exclusive Films was an old distribution arm of the British film company Hammer Productions, created in 1934. Several years later, Hammer went bankrupt, but Exclusive survived and registered the name again in 1949, then in 1975 it collapsed and went inactive for several decades. In May 2007, Dutch producer John De Mol (co-founder of Endemol and Talpa) retrieved the rights for Hammer and Exclusive to resurrect the company, and the new company started distributing. The revived company was folded into AMBI Group (now AMBI Distribution) in 2016.

1st Logo (2010-2012)

Visuals: In a thick cloud of mist, there is a ship's wheel spinning clockwise, that flies by us to the right of the screen. It disappears in a cloud of fog, then the fog disappears, revealing the sails of a ship, which too disappear in the fog. The fog then splits in two, and we see a light green ship (it appears to be a "Ship O' The Line" type). A flash appears below the ship, and the words "EXCLUSIVE FILMS" and byline "AN EXCLUSIVE MEDIA GROUP COMPANY" fade in below the ship.


  • A still version exists, where the ship outline is black with light beaming behind it. The name is white, "FILMS" is instead "FILM" and "DISTRIBUTION" appears below the words. This is seen on films distributed by Exclusive, like Wake Wood.
  • A version exists where the logo is scrunched into a square in the middle of the screen, and only the word "EXCLUSIVE" appears. "M E D I A G R O U P" is seen below that.

Technique: CGI by PIC Collective.

Audio: None. The "EXCLUSIVE" variant has an orchestral fanfare with sounds of the wheel turning, sails flapping and thunderclaps.

Availability: Seen on international prints of The Way Back and Let Me In.

2nd Logo (22 February 2013-2016)

Visuals: It starts off the same as the previous logo, but the ship doesn't flash, the fog stays moving in one direction and the camera zooms out farther than usual. Then, the ship disappears in a thick cloud of fog revealing the text "EXCLUSIVE" in a Monument Ultrabold font. A line flashes below that, and "M E D I A" is seen as well.

Technique: CGI by PIC Collective.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie or none.

Availability: Seen on Snitch, Metallica Through The Never, Parkland and international prints of A Walk Among The Tombstones, among other films.

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