Empire Theatrical Circuit

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After Golden Princess Circuit got taken over by Newport and the owner, Golden Princess went out of business, it was renamed to Empire Theatrical Circuit in 1993. It would later be merged into Newport Theatrical Circuit in 1999.

Logo (1993-1999)

Visuals: In space, there are four gold stars flying onto the screen, moving closer together while turning. They then turn into three diamonds and a circle, as an abstract shape with an "E" beside it, flies in and zooms out. The diamonds and circle stay on the left side of the "E" as they zoom out to the left. "金聲院線" and "mpire Theatrical Cirucit" then fly to the right of it with a gold residue trail. "新寶娛樂有限公司發行" then fades in, and afterwards, the whole logo shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dramatic drum fanfare with whooshes, ending with two calming synth notes when the logo shines.

Availability: So far, this has only been seen as a poor quality camrip to an unknown film.

Empire Theatrical Circuit
Newport Theatrical Circuit
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