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In February 2000, Ellipse Programme merged with Expand SA where it was renamed to EllipsAnime. Expand sold the company to Dargaud in 2003.

1st Logo (September 9, 2000-2004)

Visuals: On a white background, a black box takes up much of the screen. In the center of it, the text "ELLiSPANiME" is seen in a stylized, with the "i"'s having serifs and lacking dots. A white dot falls from the top left corner and hops along the "i"'s, causing them to bob down a little bit before it bounces on the 2nd "i". A 2nd dot flies in as well, landing on the 1st "i" and bouncing a bit before they both stop.

Variant: An early version just had the logo wiping in. The entire logo is on a black background.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: None or the closing theme of the show.


  • Appeared on the 2000 revival of Babar and Funny Little Bugs. Uploads on Youtube of the latter keep this logo intact.
  • The early version was only seen on Kong: The Animated Series when it was last seen on Toon Disney and Jetix in 2005.

2nd Logo (2004-)

Visuals: Shown in-credit, a black-green gradient rectangle is shown featuring the white text as shown: "ELLiPSAN!ME".

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Seen on Miss BG, The Magic Roundabout, Kong: The Animated Series, Potlatch, Bird Squad, Chumballs, Taratabong, Zorro: The Legend Continues, and Chicken Town.

Ellipse Programme