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Dargaud Media is an audiovisual entertainment company, and the subsidiary of French group Dargaud. They were founded in 1984 and currently headquarted in Paris, France. It has a subsidiary called Ellipsanime.

Logo (August 30, 2000-2016)

Visuals: In the closing credits of the show, there is a square with two portions. The top portion is blue and reads "DARGAUD" in white, and the bottom section is inverted and reads "MEDIA".


  • On some shows like The New Adventures of Lucky Luke, the logo is gray and "MEDIA" is replaced with "MARINA".
  • Earlier on, the logo was bigger and placed on a white background.

Technique: A computerized graphic.

Audio: The ending theme.

Availability: Seen on a variety of French shows such as La Dernière Réserve, Rantanplan and The Garfield Show.

Marina Productions
Dargaud Média
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