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Treehouse TV was launched in 1994 as a YTV's morning block. It would later become a full-time 24-hour children's programming network three years later on November 1, 1997. It usually airs programs from Nick Jr. and Cartoonito. It also airs original programming.

1st ID (November 1, 1997-December 14, 2008)


  • Blooming:
  • Shrinking:
  • Osbert Plunky's House:
  • Losing Houses:

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Various sound effects, accompanied by a cheerful tune. All of the idents feature the iconic Treehouse TV jingle (a chorus of children singing "You're watching Treehouse!") at the end.

Availability: The idents played regularly during Treehouse TV programming between November 1, 1997 and December 14, 2008. They returned sometime after for a short period.

2nd ID (1998-December 11, 2010)


  • Playtime: A village (Treetown from its self-titled TV series in question) is shown with various CGI objects and live-action children. A dragonfly transitions the scene to the Treehouse logo and model seen in the 1997 Blooming ident.
  • Clock Tower & Bird: The clock tower appears. A CGI bird flies from it into the sky. Various copies are temporarily shown with the main one, until we transition to the Treehouse logo in the window.
  • Bug to Window: A CGI ladybug, after making a close-up on the camera, is spotted by three children. The sequence then transitions back to the window with the Treehouse logo and model seen in the 1997 Shrinking ident.
  • Hula Hoop & Bubbles: Two children spin around with hula hoops above their heads with bubbles on display, making a CGI fish go through one of the hoops. The sequence then transitions to the Treehouse logo and model in the window, which was seen in the 1997 Blooming ident.

Technique: A mix of live-action and CGI.

Audio: All of the idents feature a shortened version of the last logos' theme. The version in question was originally taken from the Blooming ident from 1997, while other variants had different versions of the theme.

Availability: The idents played regularly during Treehouse TV programming between sometime in 1998 and December 11, 2010.

3rd ID (Summer 2004-April 6, 2013)


  • Welcome:
  • Caterpillar:
  • Rainbow: The screen pans down from a rainbow, which on the grass of the village, the Treehouse logo pops out of it. A portion of this was also used for the 2007 Treehouse Originals logo.
  • Ladybug:
  • Frog:
  • Butterfly:

Other Variant: The Fall and Winter variants exist for the Welcome and Caterpillar idents.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: These idents featured new and re-recorded versions of the iconic Treehouse TV jingle:

  • The Welcome and Caterpillar versions used slow variants.
  • The Frog, Ladybug, Butterfly versions used slightly faster ones; with the latter two having a different key.
  • The Rainbow version used a 2-note synth, followed by a quick variant of the jingle with some twinkles.

Audio Trivia: The music used here would be reused for the next set of idents.

Availability: The idents played regularly during Treehouse TV programming between Summer 2004 and April 6, 2013. Also seen on DVDs.

4th ID (April 7, 2013-)


  • Duck:
  • Bugs & Animals:
  • Bees:
  • Woods:
  • Butterflies:
  • Fish:

Technique: CGI from Amblagar Studio.

Audio: Same as the previous ID, but with birds chirping.

Availability: Seen before Treehouse TV programming as of April 7, 2013.

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