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TV3 (spelled as Tivi Tiga) is a Malaysian free-to-air television channel owned by the Media Prima conglomerate. It was launched on June 1, 1984 as the country's first and oldest private television channel.

1st ID (June 1, 1984-December 31, 1986)

Visuals: Against a space background, a blue lighting bolt from the top left of the screen strikes the center, followed by a red bolt from the top right. A colorful explosion then appears, followed by an outlined abstract TV3 text made with outlines zooming towards us with a trail effect. The trails then disappear, and the logo turns solid being split into ten horizontal pieces, with additional strips. This also makes the T blue, the V yellow, and the 3 red. The text Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad in white then fades in below the logo.

Trivia: The colors of the logo are based on the colors of the Malaysian flag, excluding white.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A synth wave theme with a group of women singing the channel's name.

2nd ID (January 1, 1987-1989)

Visuals: Against a space background, three sets of two parallel lines in blue, yellow, and red (from top to bottom respectively) enter the screen together starting from different positions. Once that's done, a computer-generated skyline view of Kuala Lumpur (from the time) then fades in as the parallel lines leave the screen and the camera flies by the buildings. The TV3 logo then appears and zooms towards the screen and settles at the center of the screen. The lines then enter the screen again and stay for a few seconds before leaving again, as the slogan from the time, "Rangkaian Sukaramai", written in cursive with a curved line under it, zooms in and settles under the logo. A light flashes at the top left of the T, the bottom of the V, and the top right of the 3. This cycle is repeated for the rest of the ident.


  • A slightly shorter variation of the long variant existed where the parallel lines fade out instead of splitting and leaving the screen, and the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the logo, and the slogan briefly spawn trails.
  • An alternate variation existed where the parallel lines enter the screen one by one. The set zooms in further before splitting horizontally and leaving the screen. The skyline view of Kuala Lumpur (from the time) then fades in. As the camera passes by the buildings, the complete TV3 logo zooms towards the screen and settles above the center of the screen, along with the slogan under it. The pattern of the light flashing is also different, where it flashes at the top left of the T, the left of the bottom of the V, the top right and the bottom right of the 3.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: Same as before, but with "Untuk Anda!" added to the lyrics and the music being extended.

Audio Variant: The extended variation used a slightly different arrangement, and the "Untuk Anda" line is omitted as the arrangement fades out.

3rd ID (1989-May 31, 1994)

Visuals: The sequence begins with a view of the sea as a glass structure of the TV3 logo emerges from it. The camera then pans up to show a sky background as the logo rotates and the camera flies into it, before it is shown fully again. As lights come in and gives the logo its three colors on its front side, the background turns into a space background, and the slogan from before flies in. The logo then faces toward us as the camera passes by the stars.

Later Variant: Starting from June 1, 1992, just before the TV3 logo faces towards the screen, the texts BERITA TERKINI (FIRST IN NEWS) and HIBURAN SENSASI (BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT) fly in and settle stacked, and a line forms horizontally between them. The final product of the variant is like this:




  • There are two known idents from the era commemorating the end of Ramadan in 1411 of the Lunar Islamic calendar:
    • April 1991: The camera pans to a window in a periwinkle-white gradient room with copies of the TV3 logo on it. The camera then zooms to the outside, where it pan by a mosque into a grey background, where pictures of a Jawi-like symbol, a table with two Qurans, and an Islamic rug are shown, followed by footage of Muslims in a mosque, a family having food, and a close-up of the food usually eaten on Eid al-Fitr. As the camera pans by a picture of an unidentified picture and a window containing footage of fireworks being played, ketupat and Islamic-related pictures are shown falling as a green star-shaped Islamic symbol flies up. Selamat Hari Raya in a Jawi-styled writing zooms in and settles at the top of the screen as A I D I L F I T R I appears letter by letter at the center and the TV3 logo flies in and settles at the bottom as it shines.
    • March 1993: The camera pans from a yellow TV to a bird with colored feathers (presumably the mascot of the channel from the time) wearing clothing usually worn by Muslims on Eid al-Fitr, including a songkok. The footage zooms from the screen to settle on a detailed green background above cursive text in white reading "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri", and a shape resembling the shape of an analog TV screen with the TV3 logo on it fades in below the text as the bird looks at us. This variant was produced by APT.
  • An ident commemorating the channel's 9th anniversary aired around June 1993. It features footage of multiple different programmes (Lightning Force, Mr. Bogus, Majalah Tiga, MacGyver, Pendekar, Seulas Pinang, and several more unspecified programmes) flying around on a periwinkle background. 1984 and 1993 fly in from the left and right respectively. They squeeze themselves and turn into a giant 9. The programmes stop spawning and ULANGTAHUN KE forms at the top of the screen as the background darkens. A brown-yellow kite flies in from the left to the center of the screen and settles behind the text, and the confetti stops spawning. The parts of the TV3 logo fly in from the right side of the screen one by one and settle at the bottom right of the kite.

Technique: 3D CGI produced in-house by the TV3 graphics department.

Audio: A synth tune that starts off as a calm rearrangement of the 1984 ident's music before evolving into a powerful one, followed by a group of women singing the channel's name.

Audio Variants:

  • The 1991 Hari Raya variant uses a synth theme which ends with a short rendition of Selamat Hari Raya by Saloma.
  • The 9th anniversary variant uses a bombastic trumpet and synth theme.
  • Unknown for the 1993 Hari Raya variant, as the only footage available online comes from an APT showreel.

4th ID (June 1, 1994-February 29, 2000)

Visuals: Against a night sky, a colorless, translucent pad resembling the shape of an analog TV screen fades in as we pan down to see a CGI-generated view of Kuala Lumpur from the time. Several blue, yellow, and red thick square-shaped light rays pass through the pad. Rays of light of the logo's colors pass through the pad twice, and a Malaysian flag fades in on it. The yellow and red parts of the flag rise, before revealing that the flag had turned into the TV3 logo. As the logo settles its position and the pad tilts, the slogan from the later variant of the previous ident rotates and flies in. The logo then shines.


  • A special variant from 1995 existed which features the bird from before in a dark environment flying and landing at the left of the screen with a spotlight. The bird yells and looks at the screen before making a quieter sound. The following text then fades in:

Berita Terkini
Hiburan Sensasi

In the English version of this variant, the text is translated and the slogan is removed:


  • Programme Ratings: This variant is known to have aired around 1997. Over an animated dark red background, there are the certification symbols of Malaysia from the time (U, 18SX, 18PA, 18PL, and 18SG) floating around before leaving the screen. "Pastikan", "Pilihan Anda", and "Tepat" form, in order from top to bottom, as the TV3 logo slides in from the left on the screen and settles at the bottom of the screen. The final product of the variant is stacked like this:

Pilihan Anda

Technique: 3D CGI produced at APT by Steve Bristow and Goe Aun Hoe, who produced it with TDI, a French animation software that later became part of Alias, a software company which would later be acquired by Autodesk, Inc. in 2006.

Audio: A twenty-five-note news-like orchestral fanfare, accompanied by soft and loud swooshing sounds. On the last four notes of the fanfare, a group of women singing the channel's name is heard.

Audio Variants:

  • The 1995 special variant uses a high-pitched audio of the main ident's theme, accompanied by the bird's flapping, yelling, and the sound it makes after it looks at the screen.
  • The 1997 Programme Ratings variant uses a fifteen-note electric guitar tune.

5th ID (March 1, 2000-2003)

Visuals: On a golden cloudy background with two texts reading the channel's name, with one of them being lowercase, outlined and moving downwards starting from the top left of the screen, and the other being uppercase, colored dark brown, duplicated, and moving towards the left. Several texts of the company's name then reveal themselves by zooming from the screen before fading away. The TV3 logo is then formed by moving lights as the clouds become darker. The logo flashes and becomes more visible as the registered symbol fades in next to the top right of the logo. It then shrinks a bit and moves to the right as "Duniamu" flies in next to the top left of the logo letter by letter. A duplicate of the text then appears and zooms towards the screen as it quickly fades away.


  • An English variation existed where "Duniamu" is translated to "Your World".
  • A Deepavali variant from 2001 is known to have existed. The first shot features a water drop falling into the water, causing the latter to ripple. The sequence then fades into a shot of an unidentified object (unidentified due to the only footage of the variant online being damaged) floating on the surface of water, followed by a hand taking a water plant (possibly a flower) out of the water. The sequence then fades into a square zooming from the screen against a background with two leaves and presumably tiny flames in the background. As the square zooms from the screen to form a symbol of a water plant, "Selamat Hari" and "Deepavail" are revealed at the top and bottom of the square respectively. At the bottom, the TV3 logo with "Duniamu" next to the top left of the logo fades in.

Technique: 2D CGI. The 2001 Deepavali variant combines the technique of the main ident with live action stock footage.

Audio: First, a choir accompanied by a xylophone tune. As the logo forms, conga sounds can be heard. After the logo becomes more visible, two synthesized notes play, with the first being the longest. At the end, five chime notes are heard.

Audio Variants: The 2001 Deepavali variant uses a calm, synthesized tune accompanied with conga sounds and some light sounds.

6th ID (early 2000s?)

Visuals: There are two idents known to have aired on the channel:

  • There is a giant ribbon colored blue, yellow, and red flying over some grassy mountains, followed by another one which flies over the first one. A third ribbon then flies over the farthest mountain and the two ribbons. The fourth ribbon flies towards us and transitions to reveal that a giant ribbon is wrapping around the Earth. As the Earth continues to be wrapped, the TV3 logo with THE ONE TO WATCH under it fades in at the top right of the screen.
  • A silhouette of antennas and birds on small buildings are shown. After one of the birds fly away to the left, blue, yellow, and red auroras appear in the night sky. Two more birds then fly away, and the TV3 logo fades in with PILIHAN TERBAIK (BEST CHOICE) underneath it.

Technique: CGI made in association with Leo Burnett Company, an American advertising agency.


7th ID (2003-May 31, 2006)

Visuals: The sequence starts off with a view of a grassy field with bushes and pink, blocky trees as a quadrilateral flies in and several giant plants grow around the field. A red ray of light flies in. The sequence cuts to another view of the field with a boy running around happily, swinging his arms as more quadrilaterals fly in. The sequence then cuts to a woman jumping for joy, followed by another shot of the field with two blue rays of light flying in and a close up view of the boy and women from before. After the sequence cuts to yet another view of the field, a yellow light flies in, and the screen flashes to a white background with blue, yellow, and red shapes flying around. The shapes then form the TV3 logo, and the registered trademark symbol fades in next to the top right of the logo.

Technique: A combination of live action and CGI.

Audio: It starts off with seven xylophone notes, followed by a twenty-two note electric guitar tune, and an instrumental synth rendition of the "Tivi Tiga" jingle.

8th ID (2004?-2006?)

Visuals: The sequence starts off with a yellow object rotating above a silver surface. It is then revealed to be noodles being twisted by a woman in a noodle restaurant, where multiple people walk by her. A man in a motorcycle helmet sits on a chair near the counter, presumably about to order the noodles the woman is making. The man turns on the television, which displays a scene from a drama, where a woman is sobbing and is using a tissue to wipe off her tears. The woman making the noodles is distracted by the program that is airing on the television, and she begins to shed tears dyed blue and red, which fall on the noodles. The customer is stunned when he is served the noodles due to them being dyed from the woman's colored tears. Nevertheless, he decides to take the noodles anyway. The screen then darkens as a light from a spotlight appears and the TV3 logo along with THE ONE TO WATCH under it fades in. The screen also receives a projector effect.

Trivia: This ident contains a noticeable error. When the woman begins shedding tears, the noodles are seen still on the table, even though the woman is still holding them.

Technique: A combination of live action and CGI.

Audio: It starts off with a dramatic violin theme and swooshing sounds as the woman is twisting noodles. As the woman begins shedding tears, a portion of 郎是春日風 by Bai Hong is played. The sound of a projector then plays when the logo appears.

9th ID (June 1, 2006-May 31, 2008)

Visuals: The ident features different scenes of people having fun moving around while watching TV. The scenes of the ident feature:

  • A boy in an orange shirt and a girl in a pink-white shirt watch normally at the start. They are later seen touching each other with fabric pieces.
  • A cat sitting on a chair next to a fishbowl with fish in it.
  • Five kids (four girls dressed in green, pink, yellow, and white and a boy dressed in yellow) and a grown-up woman in an orange shirt running around the couch with the girl in the green shirt holding a TV remote. The kids are later seen again with the boy now wearing a white shirt, looking at us and smiling.
  • Two girls watching TV on their bed.
  • A man and his wife along with their daughter and son having fun watching TV while sitting on an orange couch.
  • A woman in a green shirt watching TV with an elderly man in a maroon shirt. Sometimes, they are later seen hugging each other.
  • Several men in excitement watching TV in a restaurant. They are later seen cheering.
  • Three girls happily jumping on their bed.

The ident ends with a girl kissing a TV screen before it fades to a white background with the TV3 logo on it. The slogan from the time, Pilihan Hatiku, fades in underneath the logo.

Later Variant: Starting from June 1, 2007, the slogan at the end of the ident is replaced with "di sisimu".

Variant: There is an unused variant where the scenes are arranged differently. It also features scenes not seen on-air, such as:

  • A boy in a blue shirt watching TV, who is later seen running around while lifting his fist.
  • An elderly man accompanying a boy in a store.
  • Some additional scenes of the on-air ones.

Technique: Live action and 2D animation.

Audio: A rock tune with a group of women singing. This ident introduced a new four-note jingle at the end.

10th ID (June 1-December 31, 2008)


  • Ident: The ident begins with a scene of a family having fun and dancing while watching TV as one of the girls hold a microphone. The scenes then switch randomly, revealing other scenarios such as soccer being played with fans watching, four women dancing (presumably in a concert), and a girl having fun in a computer-generated world as she jumps for joy before riding on a carpet and sliding down a yellow-colored slide. Almost a second after the entire family from before is revealed, the screen zooms out as footage from multiple programs that aired on the channel pop up. After the camera zooms out a bit further, the screens turn into the TV3 logo, which later faces the screen as the background turns white while the slogan from the time, Inpsirasi Hidupku and the registered symbol with a light behind it fade in.
  • Bumpers:
    • Post-programme: On a black background, there are blue-tinted pads showing footage of an unspecified program flying in from the right to make a T. Yellow and red-tinted pads then fly in to form the rest of the TV3 logo as the background turns white, the logo turns solid, and the registered trademark symbol fades in.
    • Pre-programme: On the same white background from before, there is the TV3 logo at the center of the screen. After we zoom in a bit, the background turns black, and the registered trademark symbol fades away. The logo turns into the pads from before, which begin to fly away towards the right of the screen.

Trivia: The footage of the programmes shown in the ident include:

  • Buletin Utama
  • 360
  • 999
  • Nona
  • Malaysia Hari Ini
  • Anugerah Juara Lagu
  • Jejak Rasul
  • Bersamamu
  • Majalah Tiga
  • Buletin Pagi
  • Wanita Hari Ini
  • Several more unspecified programs

Variant: A shorter variant of the main ident is known to have existed where it shows four scenes of the family from the main ident having fun before fading to the final product of the ident.

Technique: Live action and CGI produced by The Brand Group Asia.


  • Ident: First, a faint electric guitar note is played. It's then followed by a group of women singing "Na-na-na-na" three times and "Oh-oh!" over an instrumental of the channel's official song at the time, including the channel's name at the end of the song.
    • Sometimes, the singing women use a different take.
  • Bumpers: None.

Audio Variant: The short variants of the ident use a shortened version of the theme tune.

11th ID (January 1, 2009-2010)

Visuals: On a salmon-magenta-blue background with glowing dust particles, silver abstract shapes shaped like a "2" and a "5" come together to form models of the two numbers, in two different views. Two lights pass through the screen as it forms a trail, causing the scenario to flash to a scene where the number models and the TV3 logo flip in, as the numbers spell "25", with the "TV3" logo above them. A few more lights pass in, and a flash appears below the "25", with "Inspirasi Hidupku" fading in at the same position of the flash.


  • Silver Jubilee: The sequence switcesh scenes from the 2009 Inspirasi Hidupku music video, which vary. It ends with a kid watching TV, which is playing the channel's ident from 2008. The footage zooms out, revealing to be on a layer of a silver pad, accompanied by many other programmes. The programme pads then move to form the "25". The TV3 logo then fades in, a light goes through the top of the number. The number fades away as the logo zooms towards us, and the slogan fades in below.
  • Slot Variants:
    • Seram (Horror): The camera zooms away from a hole in a door of a dirty and dusty room, where a table is broken. The windows close as the screen zooms away from the haunted house, a lighting bolt strikes, and we see multiple birds fly away. We pass from the branches of trees, before the trees are revealed in a graveyard to be shaped like the number "25", with the TV3 logo above them. Below the number, "Inspirasi Hidupku" in a creepy font flies in letter by letter. Another lightning bolt then strikes.
    • Aksi (Action): The sequence starts off with a brief view of the shining moon and a city at night, before two cars (one red and one yellow) drive into the scene, racing each other. The camera briefly focuses on the cars before we pan down to transition to the scene where the two cars do a U-turn, as the road is revealed to be shaped like the number "25". As the camera zooms out to see a full view of the road, the cars vanish, as the TV3 logo and the slogan are revealed above and below the number respectively.
    • Lestary: The sequence starts off with a purple curtain opening, revealing a scene of a restaurant, with silhouettes of a woman and a man talking to each other. The camera zooms towards a candle in a bowl, which is at the middle of the table. Gold glowing dust particles then appear and move into the flame, which the camera is zooming towards. As the background then turns dark magenta, the "25" numerals fade in, along with the TV3 logo and the slogan at their usual positions.

Technique: CGI. The main variant and the three slot variants were produced by rGba Studio, while the Silver Jubilee variant was produced by The Brand Group Asia.

Audio: First, a choir is heard, followed by two piano notes accompanied by rapidly repeating tambourine sounds. It is then followed by a cymbal sound and a repeating synth/uplifting piano sounder, accompanied by sparkling sounds at the end.

Audio Variants:

  • Silver Jubilee: Two portions of Inspirasi Hidupku by One Nation Emcees & Dina, with the "TV Tiga" vocals added at the end.
  • Slot Variants:
    • Seram (Horror): It starts off with three string notes, followed by a loud sound of the windows closing, a thunder strike, a young girl shrieking in horror, a horror-themed violin and synth tune, and another thunder strike.
    • Aksi (Action): An electric guitar tune.
    • Lestary: An eight-note piano, xylophone, and choir tune. The last note is held the longest.

12th ID (2010-February 28, 2011)

Visuals: The ident consists of clips from the Inspirasi Hidupku music video from 2010. First, it shows different views of a police car with the 999 logo on it, before the camera pans to a woman at the top right. Different clips consisting of different views of sceneries are then shown, which consist of TV3 staff filming a female news reporter for a news channel, a woman using the TV3 app on her iPhone, which she enables a mode to display a bigger screen outside of the phone towards her, a man doing makeup on a woman, TV3 staff filming news reports from the Buletin Utama studio, dramas being filmed, different women being entertained watching TV, more news reports from the Buletin Utama studio being filmed, and four family members (consisting of a father, a mother, a boy, and a girl) on a couch watching TV as the kids try to grab the remote from their father. Finally, the sequence shows multiple people dressed in black holding a stick with colored light, and they appear to be forming the TV3 logo. Multiple glowing lines come into the screen to form the logo in 3D and turn the background into a gradient white one, as the slogan flips in letter by letter.


  • This ident was completed on June 16, 2010.
  • The full music video can be found here.


  • Daytime Variant: Against a grey background features many pink and red flowers with leaves growing. As the camera passes by them along with flying dandelion seeds, a bee, and a butterfly, the screen move to the forest with the sun in the distance far away and blue and purple flower trees growing, where it shows a blue and a yellow bird holding the 3 from the channel's logo covered with flowers with teal ribbons. The birds fly into the sky, and we follow them. The camera pans down as the 3 falls and the flowers fly away to form the TV3 logo next to a tree. The logo shines.
  • Nighttime Variant: Against a sky background shows silver pads uncovering what appears to be the TV3 logo. Different views of the logo are then shown before it cuts to show the logo facing towards the screen as the silver pads shrink and disappear and the slogan from the time, "Inpsirasi Hidupku" is revealed.
  • 26th Anniversary Variants: Against a white gradient background, colored clouds appear, depending on what color it is. A textured sphere pops in, and multiple objects appear on it. The sphere changes its texture, and a different set of objects appear on it. As the sphere disappears along with the objects, parts of a large "26" in the style of the channel's logo fly in, and "Tahun (Years)" appears next to it. The text disappears as the number zooms away from the screen as the parts of the TV3 logo fly in and settle, along with the slogan.

Technique: CGI produced by rGba Studio.

Audio: Same as the Silver Jubilee variant of the previous ident.

Audio Variants:

  • Daytime Variant: A horn and violin fanfare, ending with a drum sound.
  • Nighttime Variant: It can be either of these:
    • Electronic sounds and a triumphant fanfare.
    • An eerie tune.
  • 26th Anniversary Variants: A portion of the instrumental of Inspirasi Hidupku, accompanied by the women's "Na-na-na-na" and "TV Tiga" vocals.

13th ID (March 1, 2011-May 31, 2014)

Visuals: Depending on the color of the walls of a room, there are multiple people having fun looking at and interacting with different types of floating cubes, depending on the ident. The idents end with the cubes of the same color of the background flying to form the TV3 logo. The slogan from the time, Inspirasi Hidupku, wipes in underneath the logo. The cubes seen throughout the ident are also seen interacting with the scene.

Trivia: According to the clapperboard in the Drama/Telefilem (Drama/Telefilm) variant, these idents were filmed on January 18, 2011.

Later Variant: Starting from 2012, the logo formation is different. As the blue, yellow, and red cubes reveal the "3" logo forming with an underlined "28", the icons of Facebook, Twitter, and Astro's channel number along with white text reading "TV3 MALAYSIA" fade in at the bottom of the screen, along with the channel's slogan and website link between them. The "28" would later be removed starting from 2013.


  • Variasi (Variety): Taking place in a blue room, there are blue, floating shiny cubes, a girl and a mother sitting on a beige couch, as well as a boy (in a red shirt) at the table as a father walks in. The sequence shows a close-up of the boy touching the floating cubes before we cut to a room where the cubes pop out of a computer screen (which is displaying the channel's website from the time) in front of a man (possibly Ally Iskandar), who is seen surprised as the cubes fly. He is later shown chasing the cubes along with the same boy in the red shirt. The footage then cuts to the same girl and mother from before, looking fascinated by the floating cubes. The blue cubes form the TV3 logo, and the remaining three bounce towards the screen.
  • Drama/Telefilem (Drama/Telefilm): Taking place in a teal room, there are two hands clapping a clapperboard, before revealing multiple floating blue-colored cubes, someone playing a violin at the left of the screen, and a man and a woman at a dining table in the background. The sequence then shows a close-up view of the dining table as the cubes form a star, stunning the man and the woman. The sequence then shows a man filming three men playing an electric guitar, a saxophone, and a violin as the cubes float above them, followed by a scene of a man and a woman's legs dancing as the cubes surround them, and a scene with the man with the saxophone from before with a woman next to him, with a few cubes coming out of the saxophone. Teal cubes then transition the scene to the logo's formation, with the cubes from before falling on the floor and rolling for a bit.
  • Kanak-Kanak (Kids): Taking place in a green room, a boy and a girl are watching BoBoiBoy on TV as a white line comes in to form a blocky swirl, and four more children walk in with floating transparent cubes and a line pointing towards them behind the top of their heads. The boy in a gray shirt, a girl in a lavender shirt, and another boy in a maroon shirt look at the floating green and transparent cubes. The boy in a salmon-colored shirt is then seen playing with his wand, with the cubes surrounding him. During the scene, it shows two different floating chalk-styled drawings, which consist of a writing of "8+5=?" and a house. The boy in the gray shirt from before is then shown playing with the cubes, with chalk-styled writings of "7×3=?" and "berapa? (how much?)" floating in the background. The lime green cubes then transition to the logo's formation, and four transparent cubes fly in, briefly surrounding the logo before flying upwards.
  • Gaya Hidup/Wanita (Lifestyle/Women): Taking place in a magenta room resembling a kitchen, there are four women at a counter. The footage cuts to a close up of a woman dressed in white coming towards another woman who is at the table, followed by a close up of vegetables being chopped. The two women at the center of the counter then touch floating cubes textured pink solid and a table cloth. As multiple magenta cubes transition the scene to form the TV3 logo, floating textured light blue and pink cubes fly in to surround the logo and fall to the surface, aside from one of the pink cubes, which multiple smaller cubes appear and surround it to resemble a flower.
  • Berita/Informasi (News/Information): Unknown
  • Hiburan (Entertainment): Taking place in a room with colored spotlights and floating black cubes with glowing edges, with some of them resembling speakers, there is a man sitting on a speaker vibing to the music playing in the room, while another man flips around. A view of multiple people dancing is then shown, with one of them playing a drumkit in the background. A woman is singing with a microphone, and the cubes are flying around a dancing man in a maroon shirt. Scenes of two men attempting to avoid the flying cubes are then shown. Purple cubes transition the scene to the logo's formation against a violet background, with some of the cubes from before flying in before bouncing onto the floor.
  • Filem (Film): Unknown
  • Sukan (Sports): Taking place in a dark gray enviornment, a man spins with his bicycle with gray cubes flying around him. He then rides over a ramp, before the footage transitions to a closeup of a man's face in a tunnel wearing a helmet. It then cuts to a different man waving a checkerboard flag as the cubes fly behind him in the background. The man with the helmet is revealed to be driving a sports car as a big cube made with different abstract shapes flies next to him, leaving a trail of the gray cubes from before. Another cube is also seen flying next to him. The man who waved the checkerboard flag is seen writing something as the cubes continue to fly around in the background. The scene then cuts to another view of the sports car driver before gray cubes transition to the logo's formation. The cube made of abstract shapes flies in and collides with the logo, causing the former to break apart.
  • There is a full version of the ident that compiles the scenes from the slot variants, featuring a few scenes not seen in any of slot variants. The logo formation is taken from the Variasi (Variety) variant.
  • At the end of the Up Next bumpers, the logo formations are shown in fullscreen.

Technique: A combination of live action and CGI.

Audio: A rock theme tune with the channel's four-note jingle from the time. The tune may vary depending on the ident.

Audio Variants:

  • The Kids and Lifestyle variants use a different arrangement.
  • A group of women could be heard singing in some of the idents.

14th ID (June 1, 2014-October 31, 2016)

Visuals: The footage shows real life footage of everyday happenings in Malaysia, depending on the location. The footage is edited to feature a 3D model of the TV3 logo in a varied position, usually appearing at the end of the ident.

Variants: There were eight idents known to have aired on the channel.

  • Crabs: The sequence shows four different shots of crabs moving on sand, with the last shot featuring the TV3 logo at the right.
  • Kuala Lumpur (Daytime): The sequence first shows a shot of the Kuala Lumpur Tower as a bird passes by. The scene then cuts to shots of a motorcycle in a clothing shop, people walking past shops with a clear shot of clothing at the right of the screen, a close-up shot of the clock on the Medan Pasar Clock Tower, and a view of Medan Pasar with the TV3 logo at the left of the screen.
  • Kuala Lumpur (Nighttime): The sequence first shows a view of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building with cars passing by, followed by views of a pedestrian button, several short poles on a pavement, and a cat on a street plant pot looking at the screen next to the TV3 logo.
  • KLCC: The sequence shows four different shots of a colorful fountain, with the last shot featuring the TV3 logo at the left.
  • Putrajaya: Unknown
  • Iron Mosque: The sequence shows five different shots of the Iron Mosque of Putrajaya. The shots of the mosque consist of the entrance, a view of the pool from the main prayer room, water being shot from a fountain, the dome, and a view of the mosque with a platform with the TV3 logo on it at the right of the screen.
  • Morib: This variant shows a family (a mother, a father, a boy, and a girl) walking together beside the beach located in Morib, as the camera pans to show the TV3 logo on the water. The father is also flying a kite.
  • Sunset: This variant takes place on a beach. As the camera pans to the left where the TV3 logo is, a man and a women are shown walking together. The former then points to the logo.

Technique: Live action scenarios filmed in different locations in Malaysia, combined with CGI.

Audio: A piano tune with a group of women singing the slogan's name (Keriangan, Sentiasa, Bersamamu di TV3).

Audio Variants:

  • Some of the idents use a slightly different arrangement, with high hat sounds.
  • The Kuala Lumpur daytime ident uses a rock arrangement. The women's vocals are also different.
  • Some of the idents lack the women's vocals.

15th ID (November 1, 2016-June 16, 2019)

Visuals: The sequence consists different scenes of portions of a replication of the TV3 logo made with several layers of paper, which flip to reveal portions of the logo itself. The ident ends with the logo zooming from the screen against a gray animated background.

Variant: Sometimes, the first five seconds of the ident are cut off.

Technique: 3D CGI produced by rGba Studio.

Audio: First, a long-held choir is heard, followed by a calm, slow eighteen-note piano rendition of the woman's vocals from the previous logo accompanied by a few choir sounds.

16th ID (June 17, 2019-)

Visuals: On a white background, a violet ribbon flies in from the left of the screen with dust following it. Two more violet ribbons fly in, followed by gold and fuchsia ones. As they continue to fly around, the violet, gold, and fuchsia ribbons turn blue, yellow, and red respectively. The entire screen flashes, and the ribbons form the TV3 logo as the dust disappears. The registered trademark symbol then fades in next to the top right of the logo.


  • 36th Anniversary Variant: Against a grey background, red, yellow, and blue ribbons from the main ident fly from the bottom of the screen. A teal 3 flies away and rotates from the screen before slightly moving to the left as a 6 reveals itself, forming the number 36. "TERIMA KASIH (THANK YOU FOR)" flies in from the top, followed by the TV3 logo from the 36 which settles between the latter and the "TERIMA KASIH" text, "TAHUN (YEARS)" from the right, and "DIRAIKAN BERSAMA ANDA (CELEBRATING WITH YOU)" from the bottom. This variant aired on the channel at the beginning of June 2020.
  • 37th Anniversary Variants:
    • On a white background, a "37" numeral forms and rotates to face the screen, as several lights flying through the sides of the numeral. The background turns magenta-blue, multiple bubbles form in the background, the "37" turns blue, and the TV3 logo along with "ulangtahun" (in cursive) forms above the numeral, which shines.
    • On a pink-violet gradient background, a silhouette of liquid splashing appears, forming a blue gradient at the bottom right of the screen. The bubbles then form, along with the TV3 logo.
  • 38th Anniversary Variants: Unknown
  • 39th Anniversary Variant: An explosion occurs against a sky background, making multiple butterflies appear. The camera zooms from the scene to show wind-pollinated flowers that are on a grassy field. It then zooms into the screen as it flashes to transition to a scene of a man and a woman on a lounge chair, and another woman looking at the cloudy sky as a cat walks towards them. The camera then zooms further into the clouds, transitioning to the same sky from the beginning of the variant with another explosion occurring. The text reading "39 TAHUN" with the TV3 and Tonton logos along with "sentiasa bersamamu" under "TAHUN" flashes in. Petals are shown flying in the background. This variant aired from late May to around June.

Technique: 3D CGI produced by rGba Studio.

Audio: A modern electronic rearrangement of the eighteen-note tune from the previous ident.

Audio Variants:

  • 36th Anniversary Variant: A dubstep tune.
  • 37th Anniversary Variants: A eleven-note rearrangement of the last few notes of the theme from the 2016 ident.
    • The shortened sub-variation uses the last six notes.
  • 38th Anniversary Variants: An instrumental of the electric guitar arrangement of the 2014 ident.
  • 39th Anniversary Variants: An electronic tune.
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