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Launched in April 2012, Dolby Atmos is a sound technology where a sound mix can be created so that each loudspeaker has its own discrete sound feed, which is claimed to be an advancement in sound technology not seen since the dawn of digital sound.

1st Logo (Unfold) (June 22, 2012-)

Visuals: Over a gray gradient background, the logo starts with very fine white lines that join together and create small red lights. As the lines join together, they become sides of a 3D shape, with mostly triangles for sides. It spins left and then unwinds and expands to a bumpy gray surface. The surface then ripples, shatters and become small, right-angled triangles, which, just as quickly as they appeared, disappear via a rotating effect. These triangles then reappear as the camera slowly zooms out as these triangles start to join together and mechanically form the inside of a cube, which when the screen zooms out, is actually the Dolby "Double D" logo, accompanied by the "DOLBY" company name, in the company font on a background dominated by a bright light. During this zoom out, the word "ATMOS" flies in from the right and rotates to the camera. Then, using the same effect, the words from the tagline either read "HEAR THE WHOLE PICTURE", or "FEEL EVERY DIMENSION", appearing one by one.

Technique: CGI by Imaginary Forces, who also made the 2005 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo, as well as the 2012 FilmNation Entertainment logo, the 2011 Universal Television logo and the 2017 Fingerprint Releasing logo, among others.

Audio: Lasers and cybernetic sounds for the forming of the original 3D object. When the 3D shapes are joining and breaking apart, a sound similar to that of a Transformer is heard, while a low rising sound joins it. When the company logo is revealed, the low rising note then crescendos in a style similar to the THX "Deep Note".

Availability: Seen in theaters with Dolby Atmos, beginning with Brave. It is also seen on some Blu-ray and UHD releases, namely from Lionsgate, such as John Wick, The Hitman's Bodyguard, and the 2023 remastered Blu-ray of Belly. Also on some A24 releases distributed by Lionsgate, such as Everything Everywhere All at Once.

2nd Logo (Leaf) (April 22, 2014-)

Visuals: The sequence starts off with the text "At the heart of great cinema is great sound." on a black background. A blue light starts to brighten on the top-left corner of the screen as the text blurs away in a blue tint. The scene then focuses to reveal a forest with many branches, as the screen zooms up to a branch with many leaves stuck to its twigs. Then, leaves start to fall in the background as a leaf dislodges from the twig and flies off as the camera pans to the left. A bright light illuminates the whole scene and it changes to a spring-like setting. The camera slowly pans through branches with red and green leaves until it gets to a broken wing. Eventually, the wing snaps off of its stem and swings around and around past many trees with lime green leaves everywhere. A yellow light illuminates the scene in what looks like a summer setting before it darkens again. The wing comes back into view before disappearing off the left side of the screen, revealing many leaves falling. All of this segues into a dark background where the wing splashes into a pool of water, emitting a bright light as the ripples form the Dolby Atmos logo with a dark shine on it. The logo then fades out.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Many wind noises play throughout the logo, along with sounds of crickets, cicadas, and birds. When the wing snaps and swirls, the sound of a flock of birds leaving is heard, along with scratching noises. The sound of leaves falling is heard when the background goes dark. This ends with a soft water splashing noise, followed by a calm bass note.

Availability: Seen in theaters with Dolby Atmos. Can also be found in the Dolby Access app on Windows and Xbox.

3rd Logo (Conductor) (April 23, 2014-)

Trailer: On a black background, a green spotlight turns on, revealing a female music conductor named Raya N. Foresta who taps her baton on an invisible surface. she then starts to conduct an ambience of a rainforest while the spotlight flaps to see an invisible bird. She then sees an invisible jaguar which then pushes her to the back in the middle right. The Dolby logo rises while Raya has a scared expression. Raya then swings on an invisible vine until the whole logo is seen, as she then takes a bow and rubs her right eye. Then it turns into the text "WELCOME TO DOLBY ATMOS".

Trivia: Raya N. Foresta is from the 2014 animated short film Silent (coincidentally also made in conjunction with Dolby).

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Various noises in a rainforest.

Availability: Seen in many theaters such as Showcase Cinemas.

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