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Channel 7 HD (officially ช่อง 7 เอชดี in Thailand) is a Thai television station formed in November 27, 1967. The station is currently owned by Bangkok Broadcasting & Television. It was previously owned alongside Royal Thai Army from 1967 until 2018.

1st ID (1976-1981)

Visuals: The slowed-down Cascom Neon Lights template plays in reverse. After the footage stops, the Channel 7 logo (consisting of three conjoined colored circles, red, blue and green, cut to form a single circle with three white conjoined ovals from said circles overlapping with 7 in the center) fades inside of the light lenses one by one in a counter-clockwise direction, starting at the top right light. The lights start to glow as the final logo fades into the bottom-right lens.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: A catchy flute and synth tune featuring a choir singing "ช่อง 7 สีทีวีเพื่อคุณ" (Channel 7, TV color for you), ending with the three-note square wave glissando.

2nd ID (1980-1984)

Visuals: On a zooming starfield, a glowing neon projection of a man sitting in a chair moves to the left, rotating as it does so. A blue light is also seen moving in and it's large beams start facing and forcing into the camera, as the screen gets bright. It all disappears and the Channel 7 logo fades in, as more stars appear behind.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: Same as before.

3rd ID (1984-1988)

Visuals: Against a black background with a blue grid floor, a yellow neon circle zooms in, with two satellite dishes sliding from either side of the screen, facing said circle. Once they all stop moving, the satellites emit radio waves towards the circle. A shine is seen wiping across the circle in a clockwise motion. Aftr a second, the waves and circle flash and the company logo appears inside of the circle, with said circle turning magenta. The waves flash a couple more times after that.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: Same as before.

4th ID (1988-1989)

Visuals: The company logo is shown against a black background, this time with a thicker ring surrounding it. The ring is a gradient of blue, pink, orange, yellow and lime. Several light beams are seen blinking across the circle.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: A shortened version of the previous logo's jingles.

5th ID (1989-1997)

Visuals: On a space background, a satellite spins from the top left corner of the screen towards the bottom right. The satellite then turns towards the left, facing the right side as a rainbow tunnel beams out of it. The satellite turns, thus making the tunnel face the camera. The screen briefly flashes white before we are transported to a blue-gray tunnel with a bend towards the right. The company logo, this time with the three circles being complete, flies towards the center from the right, leaving a trail behind it.

Variant: An early variant of the logo exists. There, the satellite zooms out from the left side of the screen and towards the center before turning to face the left side. As it shoots out the rainbow tunnel, the company logo flies from the dish, briefly stopping before zooming to the center, all while leaving a train behind.

Technique: 80s CGI graphics.

Audio: Same as the 1st logo.

6th ID (1990)

Visuals: A golden beam of light is seen in the center of the screen. Several rectangles with either solid or dotted lines zoom in from the light, alongside the logo, which is once again, flat and at the bottom. The logo moves upwards and faces the screen as the squares continue to zoom in.

Technique: Computer animation

Audio: Same as before.

7th ID (1990-1993)

Visuals: A portion of a Cascom SIP 3 template plays. Once the footage stops playing, the three RGB circles fly from the top side and bottom corners, "colliding" with each other. Once they join together, the center of the circle flashes and the number 7 appears in the center.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as before.

8th ID (1991-1995)

Visuals: Against a sky background, there is a rainbow drawing itself in and folding over. The logo flies from the center and "bounces" down as it does so.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo may fly from the right side of the rainbow, leaving behind a trail.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as before.

9th ID (1993-1994)

Visuals: A time-lapse video of a mostly cloudy sky with a glass floor is seen. The logo appears just above the floor, moving to the left and right whilst leaving a trail behind, once again facing upwards. Once it gets close to the screen, it turns upwards and moves to the center.

Technique: Live-action and chyron animaiton.

Audio: Same as before.

10th ID (1995-1997)

Visuals: Set against a rainbow tunnel, several white specks are seen zooming in, alongside the company logo, which appears to be facing upward. The logo rises and faces the screen, then spins towards the right three times.

Technique: 2D CGI.

Audio: Same as before.

11th ID (1997-2005)

Visuals: Not necessarily a single logo per se, rather a collection of idents where a certain color is the main focus:

  • Orange: Against an orange background with a spinning globe zooming in, the company logo slowly zooms out and turns upright. At the start, it is seen leaving a green and blue trail behind. After the logo places itself, a lens flare appears on top of the logo.
  • Blue: Set against a black-blue gradient background, there is a yellow starburst in the center of the screen spinning counter-clockwise, with white streaks flying towards it on the right and out on the left side. Around the starburst are several colored rings, which turn to layer over each other before the red, blue and green rings move to the top left, top right and bottom sides of the screen, respectively, all while leaving a white trail. The logo fades in front of the starburst and the rings return to their natural positions whilst a lens flare drops from the top. A white light wipes around the logo afterwards.
  • Purple: There is a blue-purple "nebula" in the center with a translucent orb in front of it. The "nebula" soins counter-clockwise as a yellow lens flare shines in the top left corner of the orb. Three curved shapes in the logo's primary colors zoom out, making ovals and crescents as the logo fades inside the orb. Another set of curves zoom out and make patterns as a white lens flare wipes across the bottom part of the orb.
  • Yellow: Set in a cloudy background with yellow clouds, there are rays of yellow light shooting outward. The light appears to be spinning clockwise. The company logo fades in from the center of the lights, slowly turning as it does so. The logo zooms in as more rays of light shine around it and a yellow ball expands behind it.
  • Green: Over a murky green background, there is a small white light in the center with various green-yellow curves spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise. Along with the curves is some Thai text in either white or black, which spins counter-clockwise. A light blinks above the text in the top part and three blurry colored circles (red, blue and green) zoom out from the top. Once they stop, their focus increases to reveal the channel's logo before a white light blinks behind it.

Technique: All CGI.

Audio: Same as before.

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