Argentina Sono Film S.A.C.I.

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Argentina Sono Film S.A.C.I. is a film company based in Buenos Aires that produced most of the major films during the classic period of Argentine cinema from 1933. In its current format, it serves as a production and distribution company.

1st Logo (April 27, 1933-February 5, 1987)

Visuals: On a background of a sky with clouds, a sun shining with a seal that says "SELECCION EDITOR" The text "ARGENTINA SONO FILM S.A.C.L" in the same format as before zooms in.


  • A black and white version exists.
  • On a Soviet print of Amor a primera vista, a still from the logo appears, with "Производство АРГЕНТИНА СОНО-ФИЛЬМ" appearing on top of the still, with "Производство" and "Аргентина" written in the same font.
  • On a Soviet print of A la sonrisa de mamá, a still from the logo appears, with "Производство <<СОНО-ФИЛЬМ>> Аргентина" appearing on top of the still, with "Производство" and "Аргентина" written in the same font.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: Originally silent, but as of El haragán de la familia, a bombastic majestic fanfare is used.

Availability: Seen on their releases from the 1930s-1970s. Its final appearance was on Los bañeros más locos del mundo.

2nd Logo (February 20-May 22, 1935)

Visuals: There is some giant letters "swimming" in what appears to be running water. The letters form together one by one on a soggy paper-ish form, to form an rays-like background with text that says "ARGENTINA" on the top in a fancy version of Arial, and "SONO FILM" on the bottom in a flat cartoon-ish font, superimposing its shadows of the background. Over the bottom we see a big house which looks like a very old mosque along with the text "PRESENTA"

Technique: Stop-motion.

Audio: The loud sounds of water dripping, along with a drumroll with a bombastic trumpet fanfare at the end. It sounds similar to the fanfare the previous logo used starting in 1940.

Availability: Seen only on El Alma del Bandoneón and Monte Crioll.

3rd Logo (June 4, 1987-July 9, 2015)

Visuals: On a space background, the screen zooms through stars, leading to a background of a sun. The same seal appears on the sun, and above it the text "ARGENTINA" in a serif version of the same font as the previous logo appears, as does "SONO FILM", and a red ribbon with "S.A.C.I" appears below. The logo shines.

Technique: A mix of cel animation and CGI.

Audio: Same as the first logo.

Audio Variant: Starting in 2006, the fanfare is reorchestrated.

Availability: It was seen on multiple movies from the company starting with El manosanta está cargado and until Locos Sueltos en el Zoo in 2015.

Legacy: A very popular logo in Argentina owning to its longevity.

4th Logo (August 11, 2016-July 12, 2018)

Visuals: A similar concept to before. The logo zooms through clouds (ala the 2014 Columbia Pictures logo), and when we come to a clearing we see the same "ARGENTINA SONO FILM" text as before, only without the "S.A.C.I." banner, which flips up.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synthesized reorchestration of the second logo's fanfare.

Availability: It can be seen on the DVD release of Inseparables, and on Bañeros 5: Lentos y Recargados.

Legacy: To many that have seen it, this can be classified as the best logo from the company. At least, it is perceived this way by the English-speaking logo community. On the other hand, people who live in Argentina are very negative, with many feeling like it was a crime to replace an iconic logo that stayed unchanged for over 25 years. The fanfare in particular is widely considered in Argentina a serious downgrade compared to before, with many comparing it to a cheap MIDI.