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7Art was a Russian production company that produced sitcoms for TNT. In 2010, 74% of the company's shares were acquired by Comedy Club Production. Currently, the company is defunct.

1st Logo (August 25, 2008-November 19, 2009)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the text "7АРТ" in Officina Sans Medium. The word "представляет" is seen below.

Variant: On season 3 of Univer, "МЕДИА" was added below "7АРТ".

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on the first 3 seasons of Univer.

2nd Logo (March 29, 2010-April 26, 2012)

Visuals: Over a black background are red electric blobs (similar to unicellular organisms). The cells separate and merge together in an effect similar to "mitosis" and form an abstract molecular number "7". The number flips to the left side of the screen and a light blue flash occurs, forming the word "art" letter-by-letter next to the number. The word "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" ("PRESENTS") fades below.

Trivia: The logo was designed by the Korndesign studio.

Technique: CGI by Red Tomatoes.

Audio: Electric sounds accompanied by 3 whooshes, followed by an elevator-like chime.

Audio Trivia: This audio is reused in the Comedy Club Production logo.

Audio Variants:

  • A long variant exists where a chime is heard when the logo cuts to black after remaining on-screen for 2 seconds.
  • A variant where chime is simply absent also exists.


  • Seen on the first 6 seasons of Interny (later seasons used the Comedy Club Production logo).
  • A long variant was seen on the 4th season of Univer, while the 5th and final season of the said show used normal variant.
  • A variant without a chime was seen on the last episodes of the said 4th season of Univer.
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