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Comedy Club Production is a Russian production company founded in December 2006 by Artur Janibekyan, Garik Martirosyan and Semyon Slepakov. The company mostly produces TV shows for the TNT (ТНТ) TV channel. It was named after the Comedy Club TV show, the company's main project which debuted in 2005.

1st Logo (January 24, 2008)

Visuals: On the black background with moving transparent red stripes, the letter of "COMEDY" flies to the center syllable-by-syllable in the following order: The letter C flies in from the left and O styled like a ribbon microphone flies in from the bottom, letters M and E fly in from the top and the right, respectively, and finally D and Y flying in from the bottom and the right, also respectively; then the rounded rectangle around it is being drawn in, while "CLUB" is being slid out from the right to the top of the Y of "COMEDY", then red circles shoot out from the O, causing to fill the rectangle with red and the background to gain slowly-moving pulsating red/reddish-white/white squares on the top half and completely dark red on the bottom half. The glossy shine on the Comedy Club logo wipes in from the left, then the logo slowly zooms in.

Shorter description: A black screen colorizes with red. Then, word COMEDY (O looks like microphone) appears. It then is bordered by a rectangle, with word CLUB in it. Background then fills with some red squares and the marquee stylizes and slowly zooms in.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A down-tempo funky theme accompanied by several whooshes.

Availability: Only appeared in Best Movie.

2nd Logo (2008-2014)

Visuals: A sudden flash of the red light appears in the center of the black background; but when it dies down a little, it is now a red light streak leaving gold-colored trails in the helix-like fashion, flying towards the viewer, barely missing and we pan to the left, then we cut to the dark red stage with the crowd cheering and the darkened diamond-cut sign, which is "COMEDY" from the Comedy Club logo, supported by a truss with stage lights, the screen pans up slowly and fade to the bird's eye view of the stage, as we pan across the stage as the streak flies into the microphone O and we cut the close-up of the microphone O, which is about to get hit by a light streak, which sends out a multitude of different circle designs and causing the microphone O to glow intensively in the yellowish-white light, then we cut the view of the sign from below as we pan across it, while the letters, except the O, lights up like a neon sign one-by-one (a la Picturehouse Films) and fireworks being launched, then we cut to the pan out of the last three letters being lit up. When the letters are almost lit up, the logo, consisting of the same microhpone O with the stacked words "COMEDY CLUB PRODUCTION" in the geometrical sans-serif font, all made out of diamond, zooms out against the crystallic red background from the hole of the microphone O, which causes a yellow flash of light which will erase the scene inside it, as the rounded rectangle being drawn around the logo in the counter-clockwise way, and when the drawing is done, a green/yellow/red sparkles quickly wipes over the logo from the top-right to the bottom-left, making the logo white and two-dimensional, then the background fades to black as the rounded rectangle gains the red color.

Variant: A short variant exists where it begins with the letters glowing.

Technique: A mix of the CGI, live-action and 2D computer animation.


  • Long version: A fireworks-like explosion followed by a whoosh when the streak appears, the crowd cheering, another whoosh and another fireworks-like explosion when the streak hits the center of the microphone O, several whooshes and clicks when the letters light up, a deep whoosh when the screen zooms out from the microphone O and a reversed zooming ding when the rectangle is being drawn.
  • Short version: The shortened version of the Comedy Club theme song.

Availability: Seen on Comedy Club (season 6-7) and many other shows. Long version seen on Best Movie 2 and Nasha Russia: Eggs of Fate.

3rd Logo (January 20, 2011-May 17, 2014)

Visuals: On a black background with a red flash is the plate spinning. Words are already on plate, as the "microphone" slides from the left, forming a more 3D version of previous logo result. The logo shines when spinning. It freezes (with a freeze-frame effect), and cuts to the film or the succeeding logo.

Variant: On Parrot Club, the red flash at the beginning is removed.

Technique: CGI.


  • Best Movie 3-D: A robotic/computer-like noise, followed by an audience cheering.
  • Parrot Club: The shortened Comedy Club theme.

Availability: Only seen on Best Movie 3-D and Parrot Club.

4th Logo (October 1, 2012-September 20, 2018)

Visuals: On black background isn the red light with the company name beind out-of-focus, but then they become on-focus. The word "представляет" fades in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the 7Art logo, except some of the sounds were rearranged.

Availablity: The logo first appeared on the 7th season of Interny. It later appeared on shows such as Sashatanya, Comedy Club, Univer and other productions of the company. Last seen on the fourth season of Sashatanya.

5th Logo (February 12, 2018-)

Visuals: Unknown

Variant: There's a shorter version where the movements are at a faster pace.

Technique: CGI by Shandesign.

Audio: A triumphant orchestral theme with some laser sounds, followed by a drum beat with a wind sound.

Audio Variants: On the Vimeo upload of the logo, there exists a prototype of the logo's sound design where the sounds are a bit different. It ends with the same chime as the previous logo and the 7Art logo.

Availability: It was first uploaded to Vimeo on February 12, 2018, and it later appeared on the company's recent productions such as The Open Microphone (Открытый микрофон) from season 3 onwards and the later seasons of Sashatanya.

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