3rd Sector Entertainment

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1st Logo (October 17, 2000-November 16, 2004?)

Visuals: On a black background with rays of dim blue light coming out of the center, the following text is seen:

DVD compression, menu design, and
authoring services provided by:

3rd Sector Entertainment

Manhattan Beach, CA


Behind the text is a faded version of the 3rd Sector Entertainment logo, a DVD sketch with a large "3" with "rd" right beside it in very small print, "Sector" on the left side in a bigger font, and "Entertainment" curved across the bottom right edge of the DVD. The top right section is also filled in with white.


  • Select DVDs have the text "It's a Secret Studios" alongside the main text. This can be seen on the 2004 DVDs of The Cooler and the first season of Home Movies.
  • Certain DVDs may also have the text in a different font and arranged out of the way of the 3rd Sector logo, which is brighter. The text also mentions "5.1 mixing".

Technique: A still, computerized graphic.

Audio: None.


  • The first known release with this logo was the 2000 DVD of Annabelle's Wish.
  • This appeared on some pre-2006 Artisan/Lionsgate releases, such as the first two Cube films, The Cooler, and Cabin Fever.
  • It also appears on a few early Shout! Factory releases, such as the first season of Home Movies.

2nd Logo (April 19, 2005-March 20, 2007)

Visuals: On a black background, large blue light objects are seen shifting and moving about as the 3rd Sector logo is seen embossed in the middle of the screen. The text "Menu Design" in a light blue font, appears out of light rays to the right of the logo. The logo then flashes a black background with orange rings briefly before the text disappears, and a similar result occurs with "Authoring & Encoding", which appears to the left in a stacked formation. The same light ray animation occurs a 3rd time to reveal "It's A Secret Studios" alongside the white text "3rd Sector Entertainment" above it. Below the logo, the URL and location appear below via a shuffle effect, and then after a few seconds, the logo and objects disappear, leaving the text to fade out.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A DVD player-esque sound, followed by a mix of quiet rapid whooshes plays throughout, while two bleeps are heard when the rings appear.


  • Seen on most Shout! Factory releases of the era, including the second and third seasons of Home Movies, both volumes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The Electric Company's Greatest Hits and Bits, and the complete series sets of Miracles and The Job.
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