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2K Czech is the Czech division of 2K Games. It was initially founded as Illusion Softworks in 1997 by Petr Vochozka and Jan Kudera, and produced some successful games, including Mafia. In January 2008, the studio was purchased by Take-Two Interactive and was integrated into the 2K brand as 2K Czech. In January 2014, the studio's Prague office was closed, leaving the only division in Brno. In 2017, 2K Czech was merged into another 2K studio, Hangar 13.

Logo (24 August 2010)

Visuals: The camera moves along the close-up of a pistol barrel, turned into slow motion and observe the 2K Czech logo carved on the barrel. When light passes it, the carve gleams blue. The pistol makes a shot and we chase the bullet, again turned into slow motion as the bullet moves with a trail behind and crushes a bottle with the 2K logo on it, which also floats slowly. After this, the Mafia II intro plays.

Technique: Perfectly made animation.

Audio: An ingame-type tense soundtrack with a slowed down sound of shooting.

Availability: Seen on Mafia II.

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2K Czech
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