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This is the production company of Stan Zimmerman and James Berg.

1st Logo (March 3-April 7, 1997)

Visuals: On a cyan background, there are the words "ZIMMERMAN/BERG" inside a white rounded rectangle with a dark blue border around it. There's a tan circle with "Z+B" inside above it out of position, with a trademark sign appearing at the bottom-right corner below. A barcode (with a black bar that reads "12345678901234") appears on the bottom right with a red line appearing from left to right as the words "new crispy cajun flavor" appear.

Variant: On the pilot episode of Pauly, "since 1979" appears spaced out slightly, instead of "new crispy cajun flavor". The background also appears to be more contrasted.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The beeping.

Availability: Seen on Pauly.

Legacy: The animation and sound effects are a node to the opening sequence of the series.

2nd Logo (October 20, 2008-December 7, 2009)

Visuals: On a brown wooden background, there is a framed photograph of Stan Zimmerman and James Berg next to an old-fashioned black car, taking up most of the screen with a shadow behind it. Then, a brown rectangle zooms out from the bottom right and places itself from there, with the words "ZIMMERMAN/BERG" in white inside it.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The end theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on Rita Rocks.

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