Zespół Filmowy Profil

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Zespół Filmowy Profil was a Polish film studio established in January 1975 in Łódź. Bohdan Poręba was its artistic director from the moment of its founding until it was put into liquidation in 1997, and the position of the literary director was held successively by Wacław Biliński, Włodzimierz Sokorski, Stanisław Kuszewski, Jerzy Wawrzak and Jerzy Grzymkowski. The studio was closed in April 1981 by the decision of the Minister of Culture and Art under martial law. It was reactivated in March 1982 until 1997.

Logo (January 20-October 6, 1978)

Visuals: On a stormy background, there is a mountain with a statue of a bird in the top of it with shadows of clouds passing by. As the clouds block the light shining on the mountain, making it a silhouette, several flashes of lightning appear until the mountain suddenly disappears. When the mountain is gone, the text "zespół filmowy profil przedstawia" in white appears until the logo fades to black.


  • Tańczący Jatrząb: The logo is much darker and in a different tone. After the mountain disappears, the text is more delayed.
  • Zapowiedź Ciszy: The logo is in a darker sepia tone.

Technique: Live-action combined with cel animation (for the text).

Audio: The sounds of thunder and wind.

Audio Variants:

  • Zapowiedź Ciszy: The thunder strikes are much louder and different.
  • Tańczący Jastrząb: It is silent.

Availability: It was seen on their films during the time. The available captures can be on found on Rekolekcje, Zapowiedź Ciszy, Pejzaz horyzontalny and Tańczący Jastrząb/