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Logo (1993-1999)

Visuals: On a black background, a yellow ovoid shape is seen in the upper right corner revolving forwards a bit, with a ring containing a spinning teal "S" revolving around it. A red upside down "Y" comes in from the lower left corner, with the forked ends having fire coming out of them, and shoots two black dots at the yellow planet shape, causing it to rock backwards into position as the rocket moves towards the upper right. The entire camera zooms towards the ovoid and within the next 2 seconds, the following happens: The "S" swings towards the yellow ovoid, cutting a large section of it to form a lowercase "e", the "S" disconnects from the ring and grows in size, resting perfectly straight up as a result, the "e" becomes tilted at an angle and the "Y", verging over and losing the rocket exhausts, rests on it and causes it to tilt a bit. Finally, a purple exclamation point drops down in position in 2 parts, creating the word "Ye S!".

Variant: A still version exists.

Technique: 2D computer animation by Walter Williams.

Audio: A swishing sound is heard right before the logo fades in; when it fades in, some synthesized "adventerous" music is heard. Two "booms" are heard as the "Y" (as a rocket) shoots circles into the yellow one. A brief high-pitched sizzle and blips are heard when the "S" makes the "e". When the exclamation point drops from the top of the screen, a "DOING!" is heard.


  • It can be seen at the beginning of TV Teddy tapes made exclusively for a talking TV Teddy teddy bear. This logo is also seen on late 90's Teddy Ruxpin videotapes.
  • The still variant appears on Japanese TV Teddy tapes.
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