XOXO Entertainment

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XOXO Entertainment is a Thai music label, founded in 2020. This label is under the management of Workpoint Entertainment.

Logo (July 13, 2020-)

Visuals: On a black background ,there are the letters "XOXO" in a white custom typeface, and the top right corner of the word has the letters "TH" in a small circle. Below is the word "ENTERTAINMENT" spaced the same distance as the text above.


  • In most cases, the logo will appear in the bottom corner of the screen to make room for the song's or artist's logo.
  • Sometimes it's a smaller or larger size.
  • An in-credit version also exists.
  • Sometimes, it's changed to other colors depending on the theme of the artist or song.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None or closing of the theme.


  • Seen on many music videos and teasers of XOXO's artists, such as 4EVE, ATLAS, VENITA, Jack Jarupong, etc.
  • This logo was first seen in the closing credits of 4EVE Girl Group Star.
  • The close-up variant is seen on "NOW OR NEVER".
  • The logo also appears during the opening of The Two (along with the Workpoint TV logo).
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