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ID (1984-1986)

Visuals: Over a space background, the network's logo, consisting of a bold 3 with "tv" on the top left side of the numeral and seven red or yellow stars (four on the left and three on the right) rapidly zoom in thrice (right-side up the first and third times and upside-down the second). A purple lens flare moves from the top right corner of the screen and places itself behind one of the stars on the right side of the 3. As the light loves, "EL CANAL" slides from the left towards the center below the logo and "DE LAS ESTRELLAS" slides from the right, placing itself below the former.

Technique: Simple 2D computer animation.

Audio: A portion of "Boogie With Me" by Poussez! with a female announcer.

Availability: This served as a station ID.

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