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Logo (1991)

Visuals: On a black background, four glowing lines wipe in from all corners of the screen. Following this, multiple light rays consisting of red, gold , and blue colors quickly zoom into the center while the logo flies towards the screen from the center. It consists of a gold globe with the text "WORLD" over it, "GLOBE" to the right, and "FILMS" underneath, all in Khmer. At this point, the light sparks have formed multi-colored square vortex lights that repeatedly zoom into the center. As previously mentioned, the square lights move at a very rapid pace. Additionally, the globe as well as the text change colors. The former sequentially goes from gold to orange, red, and green. A few moments later, two diagonal lines consisting of lens flares slide in from the bottom left and top right, encloses the zoom-out sequence, and disappears, leaving just the logo on a black screen. Shortly after, a gold grided path appears moving downwards.

Technique: Scanimate graphics for the background, and 2D animation for the text.

Audio: A de-synched trumpet fanfare consisting of a fast-paced set of horns and drum notes when the light rays zoom out and near the end of the logo.

Availability: Only seen on Tevabut Kloak Tep, Chanamoueng, and Soben Mok Pno.

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